Elevate Your Corporate Narrative: Crafting an Inclusive Culture with Precision and Passion


Transform Your Organisational Culture with a Unified Inclusive Narrative

Craft a Resonant Message:

Forge a compelling inclusion story that resonates throughout your organisation. Let your CEO and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) distill their passion into a strategic narrative that aligns with corporate values, objectives, and connects every team member to a shared vision of inclusivity.

Harmonise Your Leadership Message:

Achieve message consistency across the board. While many executive leaders embrace diversity through a traditional lens, we broaden the perspective to encompass cultural inclusivity as a cornerstone for achieving corporate goals. Our workshop helps articulate a culture narrative that resonates at all levels, turning passion into actionable strategies.

Inclusive Culture Story: Crafting Your Organizational Narrative

Alignment Checkpoint:

Before diving in, we'll align on your goals and existing inclusion efforts by reviewing key organizational documents - from engagement surveys to strategic objectives.

Story Workshop:

  • Insightful Review: Dive into the ‘why’ behind an inclusive culture tailored to your organisation, address resistance, and prioritise actions with your ELT.
  • Defining Inclusivity: Together, we’ll define what an inclusive culture means for your organisation, linking it directly to your mission, vision, values, and leadership behaviours.
  • Strategic Measurement: Explore measurement strategies for tracking inclusivity and decide on benchmarks for success, intertwining them with your business priorities.

Inclusion Story Report:

Post-workshop, Emberin crafts a detailed report defining your organization's inclusive culture, informed by the workshop's outcomes and next steps for embedding these principles organization-wide.

Story Debrief:

We present the Inclusion Story Report to key stakeholders, detailing the findings and the strategic framework for inclusion, ensuring the ELT is equipped to lead from the top.

Communicate Toolkit:

Finalise your organization-wide communication plan. We provide templates for communications, presentations, and key messages to ensure consistency and impact.

Top 8 FAQs About the ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative Workshop

  • What is the ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative Workshop?

    The ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative Workshop, offered by Emberin and facilitated by DEI expert Maureen Frank, is an intensive program designed to help executive leadership teams craft and communicate a clear, cohesive narrative around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) that resonates throughout the organization.

  • Who should attend this workshop?

    This workshop is specifically designed for CEO and Executive Leadership Teams (ELT) of any organization looking to elevate their DEI efforts by creating a unified DEI narrative that aligns with their corporate values, strategic objectives, and enhances their company culture.

  • How does this workshop differ from other DEI programs?

    Unlike standard DEI training programs that often focus on awareness and compliance, this workshop dives deep into the strategic aspect of DEI, enabling leaders to integrate DEI into the very fabric of their organizational strategy and culture, ensuring consistency in messaging and actions across all levels.

  • What are the key components of the workshop?

    Key components include alignment on DEI goals, an interactive story crafting session, development of a comprehensive Inclusion Story Report, and a toolkit for communicating the DEI narrative. This structured approach ensures that the leadership team can effectively drive DEI initiatives with clarity and purpose.

  • What outcomes can organizations expect from participating in the workshop?

    Organizations can expect to achieve a unified and compelling DEI narrative, improved leader alignment on DEI values and strategies, enhanced communication skills around DEI, and measurable improvements in organizational culture and employee engagement related to inclusion.

  • How long does the workshop take, and what is the time commitment?

    The workshop is tailored to fit the unique needs of each organization but typically spans a full day or two half-day sessions. This includes pre-workshop preparation and post-workshop follow-ups to ensure the DEI narrative is successfully integrated into the organization.

  • Can the workshop be customized to fit our organization's specific needs?

    Absolutely. Emberin works closely with each organization to tailor the workshop content, focusing on specific DEI challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the DEI narrative aligns with the company’s unique mission, vision, values, and strategic goals.

  • How is success measured following the workshop?

    Success is measured through various metrics, including employee engagement surveys, leadership behavior assessments, and progress towards DEI goals. Additionally, the effectiveness of the DEI narrative in driving culture change and inclusivity initiatives across the organization is a key indicator of success.

Why Choose This Workshop?

  • Create a Clear, Consistent Inclusive Narrative: Align your leadership on a compelling inclusion story.
  • Strategic Integration: Seamlessly integrate inclusivity into your organizational DNA, from mission to day-to-day interactions.
  • Actionable Insights: Move beyond passion to actionable strategies that resonate with every team member.
  • Measurable Impact: Define and measure success in creating an inclusive culture that aligns with your business goals.

Join the ranks of visionary leaders who are reshaping their corporate culture for the better. Download our brochure and embark on a journey to a more inclusive future.

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Case Study

Transforming Inclusion at Constructo Manufacturing

Client: A leading manufacturing firm in Australia, genuinely attempting to create a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, but struggling to do so.


Manufacturer Zone, a leading entity in the Australian manufacturing sector, faced significant hurdles in embedding a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across its operations. Despite genuine efforts, their DEI initiatives lacked cohesion and failed to resonate at all levels of the organization. The leadership team struggled to communicate the importance of an inclusive culture effectively, resulting in fragmented DEI efforts and minimal impact on organizational culture and employee engagement.


Manufacturer Zone partnered with Emberin to undertake the ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative Workshop, led by renowned DEI expert, Maureen Frank. The workshop aimed to unify the executive leadership team’s understanding and commitment to DEI and to craft a compelling, cohesive inclusion narrative that aligned with the company’s values and strategic objectives.


The workshop followed a structured approach:

  1. Pre-Workshop Alignment: Review of Manufacturer Zone’sConstructo’s current DEI status, engagement surveys, and strategic objectives to align the workshop’s goals.
  2. Story Crafting Workshop: An interactive session where leaders explored the ‘why’ behind inclusivity, defined what an inclusive culture meant for Manufacturer ZoneConstructo, and developed strategies for measuring DEI progress.
  3. Inclusion Story Report Creation: Based on the workshop insights, Emberin developed a comprehensive report outlining a clear, actionable inclusion narrative for Manufacturer ZoneConstructo.

Debrief and Toolkit Distribution: A detailed presentation of the report to key stakeholders, equipped with a communication toolkit for widespread narrative adoption.


The workshop experience was transformative for Manufacturer ZoneConstructo’s leadership. It fostered deep reflections, candid discussions, and a unified vision for DEI. Leaders were particularly appreciative of the practical tools and frameworks provided, which equipped them with the language and strategies needed to lead inclusively.


Six months post-workshop, Manufacturer Zone reported remarkable improvements in their DEI initiatives:

  • A 15% increase in employee perception of inclusivity, as measured by internal surveys.
  • Enhanced cohesion and clarity around DEI efforts, resulting in more effective implementation of initiatives.
  • Significant improvement in leadership communication around DEI, with leaders more confidently articulating and championing the inclusive culture narrative.
  • Positive shifts in organizational culture, with increased employee engagement and collaboration reported across departments.

It's All About Trust.

Choosing Emberin and Maureen Frank for your DEI solutions means you’re opting for trusted experts committed to your organisation’s inclusivity success. Their approach is grounded in years of experience and innovative strategies tailored to meet your unique DEI goals.

Why trust Emberin for your DEI journey? Here are four compelling reasons:

  • Personalised DEI Solutions: Tailored programs designed to address your specific challenges and objectives.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Maureen Frank’s extensive experience and innovative methodologies.
  • Strategic Alignment: Solutions that resonate with your organisational culture and goals for impactful change.
  • Proven Success: A track record of transformative results across industries, verified by numerous awards and testimonials.

Engage in Meaningful Collaboration:

Start with a consultation to understand Emberin’s approach, align on your DEI goals, and ensure their strategy matches your organisational needs.


Leverage Expertise and Innovation:

Explore Emberin’s reputation and Maureen’s credentials in the DEI space, reflecting deep market understanding and the capability to navigate complex inclusion challenges.


Client Success Stories:

Discover the extensive portfolio of satisfied clients who have experienced meaningful change, emphasising Emberin’s commitment to excellence.


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