DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check 2024:

Transform Your Organization's Narrative to Embrace Inclusive Excellence

Elevate Your Approach to DEI: A Strategic Leap from Diversity Tactics to an Inclusive Culture

Who Is This For?

Organisations are eager to evolve from tactical diversity efforts to a strategic, inclusive culture that garners significant leader buy-in and prioritisation.

Why Engage in Emberin's DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check?

Ignite your leaders' passion for fostering an inclusive culture. Empower them with clear accountability and ownership of a transformative DEI roadmap. This isn't just about meeting quotas or ticking boxes—it's about embedding inclusivity into the fabric of your organisation and driving meaningful change that impacts your bottom line.

What Can You Expect?

A crystal-clear snapshot of your organisation's current DEI status, your leaders' perspectives on inclusivity, and a tailor-made roadmap for fostering a truly inclusive culture. Plus, an executive DEI briefing that kick-starts your leaders' journey towards embracing and advocating for DEI at a strategic level.

How Does It Work?

  • Executive Briefing & Consultation:
    Dive deep into your DEI status with a consultation led by Maureen Frank, examining your current plans, strategies, and leader feedback. This is followed by an Inclusive Culture Executive Briefing, a dynamic session designed to energise your leaders about the DEI agenda, showcasing the tangible benefits of shifting from a diversity-focused to an inclusion-centric approach.
  • Leader Engagement:
    Through a targeted 5-question survey and up to three stakeholder discussions, we gather insights post-briefing to ensure all voices are heard, setting the stage for a comprehensive, inclusive strategy.
  • Customised Recommendations & Roadmap:
    Receive actionable recommendations and a detailed DEI roadmap from Maureen Frank, based on industry best practices and your specific organisational goals.

DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check FAQs

  • What exactly is the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check?

    The DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check is a comprehensive review and assessment service designed to evaluate your organisation’s current Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies and practices. It’s led by DEI expert Maureen Frank and aims to pinpoint areas for improvement, align DEI efforts with business objectives, and enhance leadership commitment towards creating a truly inclusive culture.

  • Who should consider the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check?

    Organisations that are looking to transition from basic diversity initiatives to a strategic, inclusive culture should consider this health check. It’s especially beneficial for companies seeking greater leader buy-in, prioritisation of DEI objectives, and a clear roadmap to integrate DEI seamlessly into their business model.

  • Why is leader buy-in so important for DEI initiatives?

    Leader buy-in is crucial because it ensures that DEI efforts are supported at the highest levels, facilitating a top-down approach to culture change. The DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check focuses on energising leaders about the DEI agenda, making them active champions of inclusivity, which in turn, drives organisational transformation and aligns DEI initiatives with core business goals.

  • What outcomes can we expect from the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check?

    You can expect several key outcomes, including a thorough assessment of your current DEI strategies, strengthened alignment among leadership on DEI goals, customised actionable recommendations for improvement, and enhanced integration of DEI initiatives with your organisation’s overall objectives. Ultimately, this leads to a more inclusive, productive, and innovative workplace.

  • How does the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check differ from other DEI programs?

    The DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check is distinct in its comprehensive approach, combining an executive briefing, leader surveys, stakeholder discussions, and a tailored DEI roadmap. Led by Maureen Frank, it leverages current industry and global best practices, providing organisations with a clear, actionable plan based on their unique context and goals, unlike one-size-fits-all programs.

  • Can the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check be customised for any industry?

    Yes, the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check is designed to be adaptable across industries, including traditionally male-dominated fields like the mining sector. It tailors its recommendations and strategies to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of your organisation, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in promoting inclusivity and diversity.

  • What is included in the DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check?

    The service includes a consultation with Maureen Frank to review your current DEI plans and materials, an Inclusive Culture Executive Briefing to secure leadership support, a post-briefing survey for leaders, stakeholder discussions, and a set of customised recommendations along with a strategic DEI roadmap based on your organisational goals.

  • How do we measure the success of the DEI Health Check program?

    Success is measured through a variety of metrics, including increased leadership commitment to DEI, enhanced employee engagement and sense of belonging, progress towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture, and alignment of DEI efforts with business outcomes. The program provides clear goals and metrics upfront, allowing your organisation to track progress and make data-driven decisions on your DEI journey.

Discover Our Tailored Programs and Approach:

Learn more about how our DEI solutions can revolutionise your organisation’s approach to inclusion. Explore the Emberin approach, including the Inclusion Habits Journey for Senior and Frontline Leaders, Inclusive Leadership SHADOW, and the ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative. Delve into our programs and see how we can help you craft a more inclusive, productive, and innovative workplace.

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Case Study

Transforming DEI Culture in the Australian Mining Industry with Emberin

Client: A leading Australian mining company facing significant challenges in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within a traditionally male-dominated industry.


The mining company recognised the need to shift from a compliance-driven approach to diversity to cultivating an inclusive culture that leverages diversity as a strategic advantage. Despite previous efforts, the organisation struggled with:

  • Limited engagement and commitment from senior leadership on DEI initiatives.
  • A significant gender imbalance across all levels of the organisation.
  • A lack of a unified DEI strategy that aligns with business objectives and the bottom line.
  • Low engagement scores, high bullying and harassment and high turnover.

Emberin, led by Maureen Frank, embarked on a comprehensive DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check to diagnose the root causes of the company’s DEI challenges and kick-start a transformative journey towards inclusivity. The approach encompassed:

  • An initial DEI consultation with the executive team to understand the current state of DEI within the company.
  • An Inclusive Culture Executive Briefing is designed to energise senior leaders about the benefits of a strategic, inclusive culture.
  • Surveys and discussions with leaders and stakeholders to capture diverse perspectives and identify specific DEI challenges.

Based on the insights gathered, Emberin developed a tailored DEI roadmap for the mining company, which included:

  • Customised DEI training and workshops for leaders and employees at all levels to foster inclusive behaviours and practices.
  • Implementation of a mentorship program aimed at supporting underrepresented groups within the organisation.
  • Development of clear DEI goals and metrics aligned with the company’s strategic objectives, including initiatives to address gender imbalance and enhance cultural diversity.

The engagement with Emberin marked a pivotal shift in the company’s DEI journey. Leaders who were once sceptical about the value of DEI initiatives became vocal champions of inclusivity, inspired by the practical and strategic insights provided by Maureen Frank during the executive briefing. Employees across the organisation began to see tangible changes in the company’s culture, reflected in more open conversations around DEI and greater participation in DEI-related activities.


Within 12 months of partnering with Emberin, the mining company reported significant progress towards its DEI goals:

  1. A 25% increase in female representation in leadership positions and a more diverse talent pipeline.
  2. Improved employee engagement scores (+8% and an increase in gender inclusion metrics), with a marked increase in positive sentiment around inclusivity and belonging.
  3. Enhanced innovation and collaboration, attributed to the diversity of thoughts and perspectives fostered by the new inclusive culture.
  4. Reduced turnover
  5. Recognition within the industry for the company’s commitment to DEI, attracting top talent, and strengthening its reputation as an employer of choice.

It's All About Trust.

Choosing Emberin and Maureen Frank for your DEI solutions means you’re opting for trusted experts committed to your organisation’s inclusivity success. Their approach is grounded in years of experience and innovative strategies tailored to meet your unique DEI goals.

Why trust Emberin for your DEI journey? Here are four compelling reasons:

  • Personalised DEI Solutions: Tailored programs designed to address your specific challenges and objectives.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Maureen Frank’s extensive experience and innovative methodologies.
  • Strategic Alignment: Solutions that resonate with your organisational culture and goals for impactful change.
  • Proven Success: A track record of transformative results across industries, verified by numerous awards and testimonials.

Engage in Meaningful Collaboration:

Start with a consultation to understand Emberin’s approach, align on your DEI goals, and ensure their strategy matches your organisational needs.


Leverage Expertise and Innovation:

Explore Emberin’s reputation and Maureen’s credentials in the DEI space, reflecting deep market understanding and the capability to navigate complex inclusion challenges.


Client Success Stories:

Discover the extensive portfolio of satisfied clients who have experienced meaningful change, emphasising Emberin’s commitment to excellence.


Resources for DEI Executive Briefing & Health Check:

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