Achieve Tangible ROI in Diversity and Inclusion with Emberin

Let Maureen Frank transform your good DEI intentions into measurable outcomes for your organisation

DEI Health Check and Executive Briefing

Kick start your 2024 DEI journey to broaden the narrative to inclusion, get real leader commitment and buy in + set some hard metrics which hit the bottom line.


Inclusion Habits Journey

A habit building journey for leaders building the skillset of the HOW of inclusion based on our 6 habits of being inclusive. Senior leader and Frontline leader versions.


Inclusive Leadership SHADOW

A simple accountability program designed for leaders to understand, discuss and create an action plan around each leader’s Inclusive Leadership Shadow.


ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative

Get the diversity and inclusion story CLEAR. Executive leadership team– turn the passion into a business strategy that links to all your people objectives.


About us

When you have tried multiple approaches to embedding diversity and inclusion in your organisation and it just doesn’t seem to stick or when you have built the foundations of diversity and inclusion, and you want to take the commitment to the next level.

Our global DEI solutions will work for you if you want:

  • Leaders who don’t just talk a good game – they take action and know what to do.
  • Inclusion driven by leaders because they WANT it – not because they are being prompted, are ticking a box or feel like a quick mention will make them look good.

We can help when you are ready for real commitment from your leaders to an inclusive culture.

DEI Health Check and Executive Briefing:

Consultation with Maureen to understand where you are at now in your DEI journey. Including reviewing your current plan or any relevant materials including engagement survey overview, people & culture strategy, any relevant culture plans or diversity and inclusion plans/strategy. Inclusive Culture Executive briefing. Goal: Energise your leaders buy in to the DEI agenda including visibly supporting your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Inclusion Habits Journey:

You want leaders wanting to support people who are different through and knowing how to be inclusive. The Inclusion Habits Journey teaches leaders (senior and frontline version) the HOW:

  • We teach leaders the day-to-day actions they need to build as habits to create a sense of belonging for each member of the team (our 6 Habits of Being Inclusive)
  • We have built a process of embedding these actions as habits based on understanding + practice: The Inclusion Habits Process.
  • Based on the science of habit shift, a process that requires leaders to understand and take action via experimentation with a clear ROI for each action.

Inclusive Leadership SHADOW:

It’s time to ask leaders to commit and demonstrate personal accountability to their Inclusive Leadership Shadow.

Unleash Your Inclusive Leadership Potential:
Our Revolutionary Inclusive Leadership Shadow Coaching Program. Are you ready to challenge yourself and dig deep into your Inclusive Leadership Shadow?

What is the Inclusive Leadership Shadow?

Our Inclusive Leadership Shadow tool is a game-changer. It is a simple yet powerful model that prompts you to ask yourself tough questions about the level of commitment you’re prepared to make towards fostering diversity and inclusion in your team and organisation.


ELT Inclusive Culture Narrative:

Executive Leadership Team: Creating your INCLUSION story workshop. Do all your leaders know what to say? Is the message from all leaders consistent?

Starting with the Executive Leadership team. Where are we now and where do we want to go?

Review all the elements that input into culture – what is the story we want to tell now that we understand more about being inclusive?

Deciding whether building an inclusive culture is important for our organisation and what our story for an inclusive culture is, taking into account all the things we are currently trying to do.