Testimonials about our innovative diversity and inclusion programs, solutions, trainings, and strategies

Emberin are a global leading organisation delivering innovative diversity and inclusion solutions.

We have supported 250+ of the world’s largest organisations as they move towards embedding an inclusive culture.

Emberin has amassed a decade and a half of experience in the diversity and inclusion trenches. meaning we completely get it.

“Let’s be honest, most people roll their eyes when it comes to any D&I training…they are sick of hearing it. Largely because we try so hard but we never get anywhere…its exhausting. Maureen presented a connected approach which linked culture to D&I – and a simple approach to execution based on your day to day actions and habits. This has reinvigorated the conversation here. Individuals can see the proof of the business case themselves through their experiments. It’s become real rather than theoretical.”


Senior Executive and Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

“I was honestly annoyed when I was asked to participate in D&I training. We have some really big business issues right now and I felt that we shouldn’t be wasting our time on fluffy stuff! Well I was wrong. The experiments and actions that Maureen guided us (and me!) to take have had a huge impact on the effectiveness and productivity of my team – I can see it and with a few tweaks and uncomfortable, but very real conversations, I see the rational for this and I want to continue to make this happen. Best program I have ever done. Didn’t think I’d ever say that about training and definitely not D&I training!”


Senior Operational Leader

“The emberin Inclusive Leadership program was a game changer! We have had diversity fatigue – this reinvigorated us – and we saw results straight away.”



“Maureen is an exceptional facilitator and grabs leader’s attention with warm yet very commercial approach that makes sense. We have been trying hard to elevate the level of priority we have for D&I and as a result of this very real approach – I finally see leaders (even the resistors) taking action with personal accountability!”


Senior Human Resources Executive

Sharina Lynam

Estia Health

Benjamin Abraham

Zimmer Biomet

Mike Belki 

BAE Systems

Scott Swymeler

BAE Systems

“To observe leaders having very deep, honest conversations that I rarely hear in the workplace was a career highlight for me. By focusing on inclusion we supported our leaders to explore areas and topics they have traditionally steered clear of. The experiments were inspiring, particularly hearing their insights from trying new ways of talking and working and the reactions from their teams. The moment that impacted me most was when a leader proudly stated “I treat everyone exactly the same”. The silence that ensued and that lightbulb moment was significant. We realised that he was not leveraging the strengths and differences within his team. It was a profound moment. I would highly recommend this course to all leaders. It will elevate your thinking and leadership skills.”


Head of Culture

“D&I had become about committees and events for us. Yes senior leaders were involved, but they counted numbers of people in special groups and delegated action. Maureen’s approach shook that up. It helped us with a language for a new conversation about the culture and what being inclusive really meant day to day. And for my head people – we could see the bottom line and some exciting new measures.”


Global Human Resources Executive