Emberin is a global leader in diversity and inclusion, offering award-winning learning solutions that deliver impact and accelerate results.

Emberin delivers proven diversity and inclusion solutions and programs that demonstrate real results and return on investment.

Emberin mission

To support and deliver unbelievable hidden people power in the organisations we by enabling the employees of those organisations to LOVE working for them because they each finally BELONG and can unleash their true potential.

Meet Maureen Frank, Emberin’s Chief Disruption Officer

  • Leading international businesswoman

    Former Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Aon in UK and Australia, Telstra Business Woman of the Year, BRW Rising Star and founder of emberin 18 years ago. Maureen started her career as a lawyer in a large Australian law firm.

  • Diversity and inclusion expert

    Maureen, with her ROI obsession has established over a dozen diversity councils in major organisations (most of which were the executive team), personally coached CEO’s on their journey and supported her client to achieve results, including supporting a number of organisations increase the number of women in senior leadership in record time: a telco (from 6% to 31% in 2 years), a mining company (from 8% to 23% in 2 years), a bank (from 11% to 33% in 3 years), a waste management business (from 8% to 19% in 1 year) and many more examples.

  • Speaker, entertainer and thought leader

    She has spoken at conferences in five continents around the world and works with clients from across the world.

  • Bestselling author, writer and creator

    Her books, publications and programs have been used by over 50,000 people worldwide. Amazon bestselling author of second book: The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader.

  • Global Award winner

    Her clients have won multiple awards, acknowledging Emberin as the cornerstone of success, including two global Catalyst Awards in New York.

  • Pioneer and challenger

    Maureen pioneered the scalable engagement of men in the diversity and inclusion conversation globally, supported founding the Male Champions of Change (CEO’s of major companies supporting gender diversity) and engages CEO’s and leaders every week in understanding how inclusion enables not just diversity – but also engagement, innovation and collaboration.

Emberin in a nutshell


We have worked with over 25,000 leaders and mentored over 35,000 women all over the world. Maureen has spoken at conferences and client events on every continent.


We don't understand why over $8 Billion is spent annually on limited results. The current approach isn't working. We are taking a different approach based on the science of building new habits - the INCLUSION HABIT!


We know that creating an inclusive culture will never become a real priority unless we win the head space of senior leaders with a more compelling business case. We are all about the numbers and the measurement of bottom-line impact.


We help organisations create a new story which joins ALL of the things they are trying to do - including values, behaviours and culture - the story shows that INCLUSION is the glue that is part of everything - and then let's embed it!

The programs and services that Emberin has developed to support an ROI focused diversity and inclusion strategy are:

Emberin is a global leading organisation in diversity and inclusion education.

At Emberin we have worked with over 250 of the largest organisations in the world over the last decade and a half. Our obsession has been to support organisations to get results. Our frustration has been approaches to D&I which get us know where. We have continued to push the envelope and take new approaches because we believe it’s not sustainable to keep trying the same approach and expect a different result. And the results are miserable when compared to the efforts which have been put in and the money that has been spent. The truth is that the ROI of D&I approaches global has been minimal.

Our approach is to demonstrate the bigger business case for inclusion and its connectivity to organisational culture and strategy, not just diversity and inclusion. Our observation is that most leaders understand the value of inclusion and have a strong desire to be inclusive, but they are stuck in their default habit. Based on the science of habit shift and behavioural change we teach them the 6 new habits of being inclusive and we embed this via a habit building approach. We measure impact based on ‘experiments’ undertaken by leaders where they must report on actual actions and impact.

Global experience and reach.

We have undertaken work in diversity & inclusion in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Australia, NZ, South America, South East Asia – with over 30,000 senior leader connections on LinkedIn from around the world.





New Zealand

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Big brand reputation

Emberin is a small company with a big brand client base. 

Reputation, reach and trust.

Maureen Frank is a bestselling author, has around 30,000 followers on Linkedin, helped establish the CEO Male Champions of Change in Australia, is a professional speaker, has spoken at conferences around the world and spends most of her time with CEOs, executive teams and senior leaders from large organisations.