Build an inclusive, diverse and productive workforce with our award winning people solutions.

We enable businesses worldwide to achieve an inclusive and diverse culture.

We provide practical solutions, such as training programs, consultancy services, and expert public speakers. Whether the people goals at your organisation involve increasing diversity, engagement, innovation, collaboration or productivity, we can help. We unleash the potential of every individual, because we believe that inclusion and an inclusive culture more broadly, is key to real business results.


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We’ve been working with the world’s top brands since 2005. Rest assured, our knowledge and expertise are second to none.

Our solutions combine two award-winning approaches, this allows every individual to shine to their full potential whilst embedding real cultural change within your organisation.

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Push strategy

Pushing your talent and future leadership pipeline upwards, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

Career mentoring

Our 'push' strategy training programs are designed to accelerate the careers of your employees, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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Pull strategy

Pulling from the top, because no inclusion strategy works if the leaders are not practicing inclusive leadership every day.

Inclusive leadership

Our 'pull' strategy training program is designed to teach leaders what actions should be taken to create and maintain an inclusive team culture.

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Our programs embed knowledge through staggered learning, repetition, and real-life experiments. When participants put their heart and soul into the programs, we guarantee results.

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Why do leading organisations continue to choose emberin?

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    Increased promotion rates

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    Higher productivity on all levels

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    Diversified work space

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    Improved employee engagement

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    Quick and easy to roll out

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    Online and mobile app learning

What our clients say about emberin.

  • “Our goals were to increase the number of promotions of women into more senior roles, and the program has really exceeded our expectations.”
    – Amber Ellen-Forbat, Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank
  • “emberin’s collaborative focus on increasing female drivers is contributing to the changing face of Transpacific’s workforce and providing our business with tangible, measurable results.”
    – Kevin Campbell, CEO, Transpacific
  • “What we witnessed was a huge increase in the productivity of participants. Engaging managers to get them committed to the program with a clear structure and induction process leveraged the productivity increases we saw tenfold.”
    – Gabrielle Curtin, Executive Manager, Qantas Airways Ltd