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One on one formal mentoring rarely works. Why? Because it is very dependent on chemistry and commonality. We have seen that taking a structured approach to mentoring can level the playing field, and ensure consistency across a mentoring program. We structure consistent career development steps for mentees, with structured questions and agendas for mentors and that gets you real results.



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    Senior Specialist in the Organisational Capability team at BHP Billiton Coal shares some real success stories from mentoring women.

    We are proud to say that we have mentored over 30,000 women with our my mentor: Courageous Woman program. Why has the program had such reach? Quite simply because it works! To hear some recent success stories from this program, read Maureen Frank's interview with Caron Yep, the Senior Specialist in the Organisational Capability team in BHP Billiton Coal. Caron: The biggest sort of impact or benefit I’ve seen is the opportunity that it provides for women to meet with other women in the work place and hear their perspectives, share experiences, discuss issues and challenges that women face in our industry and how to overcome them. It’s really created a
strong network and a support system for the women participating in the program. For some women, they are working in very male dominated areas so they don’t have much contact or much opportunity to meet other women and this network is something they’ve never had before. To have the support network to learn from each other and know that you’re not the only one out there, has been a huge benefit of ...

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