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The Inclusion Habits Journey: adjusted for FRONTLINE LEADERS

Elevate Your Approach to DEI: Empower your FRONTLINE LEADERS AND MIDDLE MANAGERS as the leaders of most of your people.

Who Is This For?

Organisations who want to build an inclusive culture right down to the frontline – and reap the results of increased engagement, reduced turnover and absenteeism and to create high performing teams at the frontline!

Why Emberin's Frontline leader Inclusive Leadership Journey?

Frontline leaders are the coaches of the workplace, guiding their teams through daily challenges. They're the ones on the ground, directly influencing the morale and productivity of their teams. These leaders are crucial because they're often the largest group of leaders within an organization and have the most significant impact on team engagement. However, despite their key role, frontline leaders are frequently the least experienced in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles. This is where the "Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey" comes into play. It's a tailored program designed specifically for these leaders, helping them to develop new, inclusive habits without needing prior DEI knowledge.

What Can You Expect?

The "Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey" is a unique training program designed to instill inclusive leadership habits in frontline leaders. Unlike traditional programs that may be complex and time-consuming, this journey is made up of micro-learning modules, each taking only about five minutes a day. It focuses on six simple, yet powerful habits that can significantly influence team dynamics and performance. The program is gamified, promoting engagement through social chat, competitions, and prizes, making learning fun and interactive. Facilitated in-house with full training and a guide provided, it's an accessible solution for any organization looking to enhance its leadership capabilities.

How Does It Work?

Implementing the “Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey” is straightforward and requires no prior expertise, thanks to the comprehensive training and facilitation guide provided by Emberin. The program is designed to fit into busy schedules, with bite-sized learning sessions that leaders can complete daily on their mobile devices. Through a combination of practical experiments, bi-weekly toolbox chats with an Inclusion Coach, and real-life scenarios, leaders learn by doing. This hands-on approach ensures that the new inclusive habits are not only learned but also applied, leading to meaningful change both for the leaders and their teams.

Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey FAQ’S

  • What exactly is the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey?

    The Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey is a tailored development program designed to cultivate inclusive leadership behaviours among frontline leaders. This initiative focuses on embedding six core habits through daily, manageable activities, fundamentally aimed at improving how leaders interact with and manage their teams. The journey utilizes a combination of micro-learning, real-life scenarios, and gamified elements to ensure engagement and facilitate the integration of new behaviours into everyday leadership practices.

  • Who should consider the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey?

    Organizations looking to bolster their team’s cohesion, productivity, and overall workplace culture should consider the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey. Specifically, it’s designed for frontline leaders—those on the ground managing teams directly—who have a significant impact on the daily experiences and engagement of their employees. This program is especially beneficial for companies in industries where diversity and inclusion have historically been overlooked or underprioritized.

  • Why is leader buy-in so important for the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey?

    Leader buy-in is critical because it ensures that the principles and practices of the Inclusion Habits Journey are authentically modelled and valued from the top down. When leaders are genuinely invested, their actions and attitudes positively influence their teams, creating a ripple effect throughout the organization. This commitment from leaders helps embed the inclusive behaviours as part of the organizational culture, rather than being seen as just another training requirement.

  • What outcomes can we expect from the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey?

    By participating in the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey, organizations can expect significant improvements in team dynamics and business outcomes. Expected results include higher employee engagement, reduced turnover, and a decrease in incidents of bullying and harassment. Additionally, teams may experience enhanced collaboration, innovation, and a greater sense of belonging, all contributing to a more productive and positive workplace environment.

  • How does the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey differ from other DEI programs?

    Unlike traditional DEI programs that may focus on one-time workshops or seminars, the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey is built on the science of habit formation and daily application. Its unique approach lies in the integration of learning into everyday activities, making it more practical and sustainable. The program is also customized to the specific needs of frontline leaders, ensuring relevance and applicability to their unique challenges and environments.

  • Can the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey be customised for any industry?

    Yes, the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey can be tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of any industry. This customization ensures that the content, scenarios, and examples are relevant and directly applicable to the participants’ real-world experiences, thereby enhancing the program’s effectiveness and impact.

  • Can the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey be customised for any industry?

    Yes, the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey can be tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of any industry. This customization ensures that the content, scenarios, and examples are relevant and directly applicable to the participants’ real-world experiences, thereby enhancing the program’s effectiveness and impact.

  • What is included in the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey?

    The program includes a series of structured micro-learning modules, regular coaching sessions, practical, real-life scenarios for application, and gamified elements to encourage engagement. Participants receive continuous support through bi-weekly toolbox chats with Inclusion Coaches and feedback mechanisms that track progress and reinforce learning.

  • How do we measure the success of the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey program?

    The success of the Frontline Leader Inclusion Habits Journey is measured through a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics, including pre- and post-program employee engagement scores, turnover rates, and instances of bullying and harassment. Feedback from participants and their teams, along with observational assessments of behaviour change, also provide critical insights into the program’s effectiveness and areas for further improvement.

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Case Study

Revolutionising Inclusion in the Tech Industry with Emberin's Inclusion Habits Journey

Client: A leading technology firm in Australia, known for its innovative solutions but facing challenges in fostering an inclusive workplace culture.


The client recognised the need to transform its workplace culture to not only attract but also retain diverse talent in a competitive industry. Despite a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), the company struggled with:

  • Low levels of employee engagement and belonging among underrepresented groups.
  • A significant gap in inclusive leadership practices at all levels.
  • Challenges in translating DEI objectives into tangible actions that impact the daily work environment.

In response to these challenges, the client partnered with Emberin to implement the Inclusion Habits Journey, a comprehensive program designed to empower leaders with actionable strategies for fostering inclusion. Led by DEI expert Maureen Frank, the journey focused on:

  • Engaging leaders across the organisation in facilitated webinars to understand and embrace the six habits of being inclusive.
  • Encouraging practical experiments with these habits in day-to-day leadership and team interactions.
  • Providing microlearning modules and cohort group discussions for continuous learning and support.

The Inclusion Habits Journey offered the client a structured, engaging, and practical framework to address its DEI challenges. Key components include:

  • Customised Webinars: Tailored sessions that inspired leaders to adopt and advocate for inclusive behaviours.
  • Actionable Experiments: Leaders were tasked with implementing the six inclusion habits in their teams, fostering a culture of belonging and appreciation for diversity.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Through microlearning and discussions, leaders shared challenges, strategies, and successes, creating a community of practice committed to inclusivity.

Leaders at the client reported a transformative experience through the Inclusion Habits Journey. They highlighted:

  • A significant shift in their understanding and application of inclusive leadership practices.
  • Enhanced confidence in addressing diversity and inclusion challenges within their teams.
  • A deeper appreciation for the impact of inclusivity on innovation, collaboration, and team morale.


Within six months of completing the Inclusion Habits Journey, the client observed measurable improvements in its workplace culture and performance:

  • A 5% reduction in attrition rates, attributed to enhanced feelings of belonging and engagement among employees.
  • Feedback from employee surveys indicated a 10% increase in perceived inclusivity and psychological safety.
  • Innovation metrics showed a 15% improvement, with diverse teams reporting higher levels of collaboration and creativity.
  • Customer engagement scores rose by 8%, as the inclusive culture led to more empathetic and innovative customer solutions.

The client’s partnership with Emberin and participation in the Inclusion Habits Journey marked a pivotal step in its mission to cultivate an inclusive workplace. Through practical actions, ongoing learning, and leadership commitment, the client not only enhanced its DEI practices but also set a new standard for inclusivity in the technology sector.

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Choosing Emberin and Maureen Frank for your DEI solutions means you’re opting for trusted experts committed to your organisation’s inclusivity success. Their approach is grounded in years of experience and innovative strategies tailored to meet your unique DEI goals.

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  • Proven Success: A track record of transformative results across industries, verified by numerous awards and testimonials.

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