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The quick five steps to get a pilot happening

  1. Decide pilot target group of leaders
  2. Set a start date and invite the participants and key leaders (phone or event)
  3. Order your kits from emberin (hard copy) or provide emberin with the names of participants and group leads (online)
  4. Plan your communications and the rollout schedule – all done for you if going with the online option
  5. Get rolling!

Who and how many?

Running a pilot of the program is a cost effective training tool to ensure that education around being an inclusive leader can reach every level of leadership – the more leaders that have the opportunity to create an inclusive culture within their teams, the greater return this investment has, through reaping the benefits of a truly inclusive culture.

The program is designed to be leader lead – from leaders, to leaders. Therefore, it needs to be structured so that it can ultimately be cascaded without excessive facilitation or involvement from HR. Leaders undergo the program with two hats on: firstly, to build their own knowledge and skills, and secondly, knowing that they will need to action these learnings through guiding their team through their rollout.

Your pilot should be with at least 20 of your senior leaders, to begin the cascading process. Many organisations have found that a useful model is to get senior leaders to include a ‘plus one.’

Your steps to getting started


First, your leaders are introduced to their journey with a challenging Launch Workshop. In this workshop (run by emberin – or we can train you), they will be split into work groups to complete
their 10 week journey. This will set the senior leaders up as Internal Champions of Change. They will commit to running ‘experiments’ to really shake up the ‘same old’ way of doing things.


Over 10 weeks, they will complete our Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action program to challenge them to ACTION: real discussions with their teams, real experiments and real practical applications of their learnings.


A mid-program check-in with a focus on: What ACTION have you taken?


A graduation workshop (run by emberin – or we can train you) where leaders present their experiments and progress to other senior leaders, and put their hand up to take another team through the process.


Delivered over 10 weeks through audio, video and workbook content combined with a few challenge and accountability workshops and group discussions.


Designed for busy leaders to be completed while they are doing other things i.e. transport to work, or at the gym and available as a hard copy version or via our online.

How to get results

emberin has worked with numerous organisations in rolling out the Mastering Gender Leadership Program (MGL). Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action roles in a similar way to our success stories with the MGL program. From our experience, there are a couple of key things that will ensure the program is a success, which we wanted to point out to you up-front. It is critical that you keep
these in mind when developing your internal Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action framework.

  • Ensure your CEO and your senior leadership team is behind you on this journey. It is critical that they form the foundations of best practice for inclusive leadership in your organisation as it is cascaded down the tiers of leadership roles. This is why our general recommendation is to start with this team.
  • Solid communication about the program – before, during and after. It is imperative that you communicate to all stakeholders involved about what is going on, and particularly the participants to keep them motivated and on track. This can be via email or teleconference. All templates are included in our Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action Facilitator kit for you to adapt to suit your organisation. If you use the online version of the program – this is all built in and done for you.
  • Please stick to the communications plan provided. This ensures that your team remains informed and motivated throughout the weeks.
  • We strongly recommend that you stick to the 10 week time frame. There is a lot of material however, we find that if it is extended for too long, participants lose momentum, and results are reduced.
  • Make sure your team are talking to their workgroups! Your leaders will be part of a workgroup that meets either once a fortnight, or once a week via teleconference or face-to-face. This is a vital aspect of the program as it ensures your leaders are discussing the module exercises and challenges, and seeing the topic from a broader perspective- as well as maintaining momentum during the 10 week period.
  • Work groups: This is strongly encouraged. Participants undertake the program independently, where they are encouraged to form their own groups with other leaders undergoing the program (some organisations have nominated these groups for participants – others encourage them to do it themselves by providing a list of contact details of all participants). This is to discuss their module learnings, challenges, queries and triumphs. It’s an opportunity to brainstorm, air issues they don’t agree with and discuss the pro’s and con’s of individual experiences and experiments.There is huge value in enabling your leaders to create these discussion work groups so please try and facilitate these to the best of your ability. The communication templates we have
    provided for you encourage leaders to form their own work groups, all you need to do is provide them with a list of contact details for their fellow leaders or create the groups and let them know who is in each group at the start.
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