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my mentor: Courageous Woman

my mentor: Courageous Woman Pilot Steps

So, you are interested in getting started with a my mentor pilot! We thank you very much for your support –
and your female participants will also be very grateful.


my mentor: design is intentional.

my mentor design is intentional – leverage it to set up potential for critical mass reach first and foremost, the my mentor program has been specifically created to be flexible and value for money.

Getting Started Leaflet


Try and stick to our 12 week framework – here’s why

We strongly recommend that you stick to the 12 week time frame due to a number of reasons. Watch our video to find out more.


Decide on a model that works for you

Remember the my mentor program is a tool within many frameworks and is very flexible. Download our rollout options leaflet to see our most popular options.


Understand what has worked for other organisations

There are a couple of key things that will ensure the program is a success, which we wanted to point out to you up-front. It is critical that you keep these in mind when developing your internal my mentor framework.

Launch Tips Leaflet


Decide the target group

my mentor was created based on an archetype – Martha from Mt Isa – watch our video to find out more about her and why she was created.

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