Career mentoring for men

The my mentor: Courageous Career program works to unleash undiscovered talent, and make a difference to the bottom line.

From our hugely successful female career mentoring program, we realise a need to develop equally talented men who are unable to reach their potential because they are stuck in a status quo.

The my mentor: Courageous Career program was created to develop the careers of men who are considered different or introverted, but have one thing in common: talent to shine.


Designed to push your future leadership pipeline upwards, the my mentor: Courageous Career program supports men in achieving their career and personal goals, in a way that’s aligned with the organisation’s.

Higher promotion rates

Increased promotion rates of our graduates, especially in junior and middle management level.

Movement across divisions

Increase in number of our graduates taking up opportunities in different roles and divisions.

Increase in productivity

Our graduates have higher self-understanding and confidence that lead to increase in productivity.

Performance & job satisfaction

Our graduates perform better as they can plan, communicate and action in their personal styles.

Increase in job engagement

Our graduates are more engaged as they understand the value and importance of their roles.

Personal challenges conquered

Our graduates also experience improved personal and social lives.

Mentoring from over 40 senior leaders in top organisations – offering invaluable advice in real world situations.

The my mentor: Courageous Career is the most accessible and comprehensive solution to career acceleration for men. We designed the program with the following in mind:

In order to change the world an inch at a time and reach critical mass, all men anywhere should be able to access the program.

Our program is designed to ensure organisations can cast the net wide and seek out any untapped talent who may be overlooked.

Many of our clients are in the technology industry and as the world becomes more technology focused, it was imperative that our program content was available via a state-of-the-art online learning platform.

We therefore launched the emberin Academy Platform and app in 2016. We recognise that men are busy and often don’t have the time to travel to workshops and events – so we brought it to them. The flexibility of the program enables women to participate when is convenient for them.

The handy app allows participants to listen to the program during their morning commutes or anytime they are on the go.

The program content has a commercial angle – it is designed to bring real commercial results for businesses.

The results are measurable and you can expect to see advancement within just three months

Our program is inexpensive per person and we also offer flexible payment options based on your organisation’s requirements.

Whether you’re making payment as an organisation, business units, or individuals, we are able to accommodate.

For the pressed and under resourced HR departments, we offer flexible roll out options where we do all the preparation and facilitation you. You simply get your group together and then get started.
The content was designed to be impactful across multiple seniority levels, however we have found that the sweet spot where the best results are seen is middle management level.

To further enhance the experience and results of our program, we also offer a practical add-on.

+ Add a mentor

As part of the program, participants form peer-mentoring groups and discuss their progress in fortnightly meetings. my mentor: MENTOR is an optional toolkit designed to support businesses in facilitating an internal peer-mentoring group.

It allows senior leaders to partcipate as mentors during meetings by offering them an overview of the program, the mentoring group’s progress, and guidelines to bolster insightful conversations.

The my mentor program is trusted by top organisations across various industries: