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Diversity Without Inclusion – It Just Doesn’t Work!

Diversity Without Inclusion – It Just Doesn’t Work!

Much like fish and chips, macaroni and cheese or bread and butter; there are some things that are much better when they’re together! Diversity and inclusion is one of those things.

By themselves they are good, but together they are great.

Many organisations make efforts to promote diversity throughout the workplace, but they often come up short – leaving employees disengaged, unproductive and at a high-risk of moving on.

This is what happens when you have diversity without inclusion.

This issue was raised recently on Q&A, where an audience member asked this question: “there has been some talk recently about targets for female politicians, particularly in the Liberal Party. What’s next: you will have targets for black people, targets for gay people, targets for disabled people?”

Instead of looking at diversity as an opportunity to fill quotas or targets, organisations need to look at how they can create an inclusive culture that will provide opportunity for women and other under-represented groups to put their hand up and progress within a company. This is how you will begin to see your diversity efforts really make progress.

If you spend thousands of dollars on recruitment in order to fill your ‘diversity quota’, without even a second thought to inclusion, you will see your key recruited talent move on (sometimes even to a competitor).

Inclusion means being open to a variety of ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches and styles from everyone.

Inclusion is what ensures that everyone brings their best to the workplace and it is what will maximise business success.

For a company to move toward a culture of inclusion, it’s simpler than you would think. You must:

• Move past compliance as motivation

• Link staff efforts to the business plan

• Focus on the bottom line

• Emphasise inclusion as cultural change

• Focus on the value of each individual

The reality is that inclusion and diversity are what you need in order to create an innovative culture. Hiring a diverse workforce and then including the perspectives of all members of that workforce is a proven way to nurture innovation and keep you one step ahead.

Once you’ve nailed your efforts, you’ll begin to hear everyone’s individual voice – and that’s what will drive your business forward and leave you reaping the rewards of a diverse and inclusive workforce.


If you need some guidance on how you can transform your diversity efforts, contact us on connect@emberin.com. We’re here to help!

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