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Empower your leaders with critical inclusive leadership skills and styles with the Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action program

Built on 12 years experience in the industry and thousands of conversations with senior leaders from all around the world, the Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action program is an inclusive leadership solution that results in tangible ROI and change in leadership action and behaviour.

The program follows our leader-led pull strategy, which means it pulls real cultural change from the top, cascading the learnings, stories and actions down throughout your organisation to reach critical mass.


Today, most organisations understand that focusing on diversity is not enough, and that inclusion more broadly is paramount to leverage all of your human capital. Our program guides leaders how to walk the talk on inclusive leadership, and challenges them to action and accountability – providing a real return on investment.


Employees feel as though their uniqueness is valued and are more willing to share different ideas leading to increased innovation.


Employees work together to share knowledge freely due to increased trust in colleagues.


Employees feel at ease and no longer waste energy attempting to fit in, meaning they can give 100% to their job.


Employees feel a sense of belonging and share the company’s vision for success.


Employees can bring their differences to the table, knowing that the organisation appreciates the benefits of their differences.

“Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance at the party.”

Our program incorporates experiential learning through challenging leaders to design and conduct inclusive leadership experiments. Here are some real outcomes showing phenomenal results.

“I have been sponsored and mentored and lucky to have people who have supported me throughout my career. As my experiment I decided to put a young lady in a project manager role – I knew she was ready for it, but she didn’t think she was.

She had the right skills but she was out of her comfort zone and she just broke down and said, “I can’t do this. It’s too hard.” I actively, every day, sat with her at the end of the day, helped her get through her role and got her up to speed. Now she is probably one of the strongest project managers I have and she is actually really well-liked by the client. Every day I sit down with the client, they tell me how great she is.

Sometimes you have to decide as a leader to support people by sponsoring them. It took a bit of courage putting her in that role as well – so she wasn’t the only one who was nervous. We worked together and I was determined to make it work.”

– Courage: Inclusive Leaders In Action 2017 graduate.

Client relationship management is often centred around one or two people who engage with the client.

If you broaden the role of the senior manager and you give them responsibility, your ability to actually impact revenue and growth is quite substantial. That was the one thing we did.

The substantial cultural shift that we would have if this was across the board, our ability to grow, our ability to drive new services out to the market, could be quite substantial.

– Courage: Inclusive Leaders In Action 2016 graduate.

We had a recruitment process and we decided – let’s actually rethink this.

We went out and looked at people. We looked at all the steps as to who they are, how many came in the pipeline, when they dropped out. We got an understanding of the data.

Then we started to drill into it. We definitely weren’t getting as many women into the pipeline. It was about a third, two-thirds. The women in the recruitment pipeline were actually flying all the way down to offers stage with far more success. It wasn’t the way we were interviewing them, they kept coming back for the next interview and the next interview.

Whereas for male candidates, it was a far higher dropout rate as we were going through. We didn’t invite them back to the next interview. Then we got to the offers stage and most of the women didn’t accept our offers and most of the men that were left did.

Then we went out and we actually got a selection of people who had declined our offers and got them in and started to do some work with them. It started to give us some insight as to where we needed to focus and how we need to be more inclusive in these processes.

One of the first things was going out and charging the recruiters to go and find different people. When you’re recruiting mainly technical architects, they just go and find men, because that’s what men do, because women don’t do that kind of work! We’re now at 50-50 male/female candidates.

– Courage: Inclusive Leaders In Action 2015 graduate.

“What we’ve done as part of an experiment is look to how we can empower offshore, so that they can drive more outcomes for delivery. We’ve taken out the middle person onshore between the client and our offshore team.

We’ve created that direct relationship. We have had a few hurdles because in some cases, offshore team members aren’t completely confident around perhaps what they can and can’t say, the terms of the engagement as such.

Feedback from the team is they’re much happier with their direct engagement and actually the client is also much happier with the direct engagement as well. They’re seeing a positive impact within the account.”

– Courage: Inclusive Leaders In Action 2016 graduate.

“Now I check if I’m putting together meetings with the same people over and over. I try to spread those out so I’m not talking to the same four council leads. I want to make sure, even if they’re not reaching out to me, I want to reach out to them, make sure that I’m engaged with what’s going on in their career. ”

– Courage: Inclusive Leaders In Action 2017 graduate.

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