Our sole purpose is to transform how businesses do inclusion and diversity, deliver visible results, and make a difference to the bottom line.

Founded by Chief Disruption Officer, Maureen Frank in 2005, emberin is highly regarded as one of the leading pioneers in inclusion and diversity solutions. Our programs have assisted hundreds of organisations around the world in exceeding their people goals, and our clients have experienced increased collaboration, productivity, innovation, engagement, and diversity.

Even with over 32,000 graduates presently, we are constantly fine tuning our people solutions to ensure we satisfy beyond the latest learning and HR trends and standards. As part of our commitment to fine tuning our solutions, we recently introduced the concept of microlearning to our programs. Combined with the existing concept of experiential learning, our programs boast higher knowledge retention, engagement, and action.

Why emberin exists?


emberin exists to ignite the embers in each individual. We believe that every individual has innate talent, can step up and can be unleashed by coaching and nurturing in a way that suits each person.


Our mission is to disrupt the status quo, ignite bloody minded determination and passion in individuals who don’t ‘fit’ and change the world one inch at a time – EVERY DAY!


We are outraged because it’s wrong! Fundamentally we are outraged that some highly talented individuals NEVER reach their potential because because they are different to the ‘norm’.


We are obsessed with levelling the playing field and unleashing untapped talent.