Our History

Our sole purpose is to transform how businesses do inclusion and diversity, deliver visible results, and make a difference to the bottom line.

1997 – 2004

Our founder, Maureen Frank, was Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Aon in London and then in Australia. As a single mother with twins, she became Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2004.


emberin was born. Maureen wrote her first book You Go Girlfriend , which sold over 15,000 copies.


Maureen spoke at 156 women’s events. She kept a diary of her observations and learnings,. She began her vision for taking emberin to the next level.


Maureen launched the first edition of the my mentor program, to give women the tools and support they needed to succeed in businesses too.


Telstra commissioned emberin to pioneer the concept of supporting men to better understand how to help women develop their careers. emberin launched a program titled “Mastering Gender Leadership” to over 1,000 men. emberin began working with clients in India, our first international foray.


Building on the success of the first edition, emberin launched the second edition of the my mentor program to help women further accelerate their careers. Maureen spoke at a global conference in Johannesburg at the invitation of PWC and was featured in their global production on Closing the Gap.


Our client, Telstra, became the first Australian company to win a global Catalyst Award in the US – having increased the number of women in senior roles from 6% – 31% in two years.


With the support of emberin, Commonwealth Bank won a global Catalyst Award. emberin worked with thousands of men and women at all levels in male dominated industries.


Maureen was involved with establishing the Male Champions of Change in Queensland, Australia. This involved 10 brave CEOs and Queensland government leaders.


The Queensland Male Champions of Change was launched with the goal of influencing change in typically male dominated industries, to an audience of more than 1,000. Our client, Transpacific, gained positive attention for the work they did around women drivers – more awards!


Maureen analysed inclusion and diversity from around the globe. She quickly realised that whilst there was lots of theory, there was little of the ‘how to’. As a result, emberin launched Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action. With emberin support, Aurizon scooped up various awards!


emberin established Internal Champions of Change. This allowed thousands of leaders to take real action and be accountable because they finally understood what they needed to do.


We launched the online emberin Academy platform and app as an alternative to the traditional DVDs.


We held the first 10,000 Women in Tech APAC Virtual Conference, with 60 expert speakers from across the globe. The new version of Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action launched.


To date, 37,000 people have successfully graduated from our programs. The new and improved version of the my mentor: Courageous Woman program is set to launch soon – watch this space!