6 men championing gender equality

6 men striving for gender equality

Over my 13 years in the diversity and inclusion industry, I have met some men who champion gender equality in a very real and genuine way.

Men who see the lack of women in senior roles, recognise that generational change is not fixing it, and also understand what they have to DO in order to create change.

They are not afraid to shout their support from the rooftops.

They actively mentor and sponsor women as they progress through their careers, because they know that EQUITY is crucial to achieve equality.

They lead inclusively every day, and they make sure that every single one of their employees feels that they belong. Because they know that this is the foundation for gender equality.

I call this walking the walk as well as talking the talk!

On the flip side, I’ve met many men who recognise the problem but take very little action to create change.

At worst, I’ve met men who are brave (and stupid) enough to deny that there’s a problem, blame it on the ‘choices women make’, and even take action that actually impedes progress towards gender equality.

For the men who are courageous enough to take steps to create a fair world for our daughters and grand-daughters, I applaud you!

I know better than most how difficult it is to challenge the way things have always been done, and to push for sometimes unpopular changes.

I have shone the spotlight on 6 men I know who are always striving for gender equality in a very real way.

Without the support of men like them, we won’t get there!


1. Tim Reed


Tim joined the STEM Male Champions of Change in 2016, and has been CEO of MYOB for 10 years.

Tim led the company to the top of BRW’s most innovative companies list, where it was recognised as Australia’s 7th most innovative business in 2014.

Tim’s career has taken him to Asia, Europe, the USA and Australia, including time in Silicon Valley where he held senior management roles in sales, marketing, product management and finance within the fast paced global technology and internet markets.

During this period he was a founding member of the Internet Advertising Bureau where, as part of a team with other internet pioneers, they wrote the first set of advertising measurement standards for the Web.

Tim has an MBA from Harvard University (Baker’s Scholar), and a BCom degree from the University of Melbourne (First Class Honours).

Tim identifies a few reasons that have driven him to be such a proactive supporter of gender equality: 1. For human rights reasons, and 2. The teams with greater diversity are generally higher performing.

He believes that the system that needs to change, and if you’re going to change the system, you actually need to get to the people who oversee the system, the people who are accountable – the men – because they are the ones that ultimately going to change it.


2. Andrew Stevens

Chairman at Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

Andrew has been a proud member of the Founding Male Champions of Change since 2011, and is also a member of the Chief of the Australian Defence Force’s Gender Equality Advisory Board.

Andrew is the Chair of Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd, a Director of Stockland Group Limited, MYOB Group Limited, Thorn Group Australia Limited, the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS AFL Club, and CEDA. He is a member of the Advisory Executive of the UNSW School of Business.

Andrew was formerly the Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand, having joined IBM in 2002 when the company acquired PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.

Andrew states that 70% of what the Male Champions of Change do is focused on improving female representation and equality, in the organisations in which they work. 20% is about sharing that with other organisations who are involved, and 10% is about advocacy for gender equality.


3. Tony Ward

Country Manager Australia and New Zealand at Dropbox

Tony is a technology executive with over 20 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has held roles as Managing Director, COO and CMO at mid to large size organisations; and has overseen a diverse range of areas including sales leadership, marketing, product marketing, business operations, strategy and start-ups.

Prior to joining Dropbox, Tony was APAC Managing Director of SurveyMonkey, a leading provider of web-based survey solutions. Before that, he ran LinkedIn’s third largest business as Director of Talent Solutions in ANZ; and was COO and CMO for Microsoft Australia where he had full P&L responsibility for its $1 billion+ business. Tony also tried his hand at entrepreneurship and was a founder of a cloud start-up.

Throughout his career, Tony has primarily focused on building great teams, growing businesses and most importantly, having fun while doing it!

Tony is passionate about gender equality, he has a 9-year-old daughter and wants to make sure she has the same opportunities as if he had a 9-year-old son.


4. Walter Jennings

Vice President, Corporate Communications at HUAWEI

Based in Shenzhen, Walter leads international social media influencer relations for the company globally based in world headquarters. His remit is to extend awareness of the corporate reputation through international key opinion leaders at events and engagement around the world. He is a 30-year veteran of international corporate public relations agencies in New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Walter believes that it’s not only women who can make a change to increase representation of females in the technology industry, it also needs men to champion this change.


5. Ronnie Altit

CEO at Insentra

Ronnie is changing the corporate culture landscape. As the founder of Insentra, a global IT Services business, Ronnie has always dared to be different.

His vision is to create an outstanding workplace where his people can be the best versions of themselves, love the work they do and amaze each other and their clients everyday.

Recently awarded in the Top 10 Best Places to Work, Ronnie believes that an organisation’s culture is paramount to running a successful business.

His approach to corporate culture is simple and based on transparency, honesty and creating an open environment where his team can flourish.

Under Ronnie’s leadership, Insentra has been awarded Job Advisors Top 20 Coolest Company in Tech, CRN Fast 50, BRW Fast Starters and CRN Editors Award.

Prior to starting Insentra, Ronnie worked for an investment bank reaching CIO for Australia and then as General Manager with a global systems integrator.

Ronnie states that there aren’t a lot of women in the IT industry, and he is a big advocate for bringing more women into the sector.


6. Delwin Keasberry

Principal Consultant at Ideas X Action

Delwin is a corporate trainer and speaker. He has a background in business development and strategy, and has worked with the likes of Microsoft, the British High Commission, BMW and HSBC. His company, Ideas x Action, helps organisations foster a culture of growth and creativity, and generate ideas for products, services and strategies through customised innovation programs.

Delwin was identified as an Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leader in 2014, and is also known by his online moniker, @BruneiTweet. He has over 40,000 followers on Twitter, and has spoken extensively in South East Asia about how to connect and support communities – both offline and online – through social media.

Delwin has spoken at numerous events to share his knowledge and advocate for more women in the technology industry. Delwin is currently writing his first book which will help people develop their ideas and take action towards making their goals a reality.

Delwin has an eight-year-old son, and six-year-old twin daughters. He teaches them the ethos of leaning-in; to always add value to the communities they are a part of and step up to challenges.


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