Vivien Koh – VK Transformation

Vivien Koh – VK Transformation

Vivien Koh – VK Transformation

Managing Director | VK Transformation

Vivien Koh has at least 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in the technology industry. She has risen through the ranks and taken on senior business leadership roles across Asia-Pacific (including Japan) at leading tech companies like Google, Oracle, EMC, Ricoh and Dell.

Following her success in the tech corporate world, Vivien launched her own sales management consulting firm specialises in digital and sales transformation, helping companies across a range of industries to accelerate digital sales and marketing transformation to stay competitive in this disruptive digital age. She has also been appointed as the Executive Director of Marketing Communication & Business Development at ESSEC Business School Asia-Pacific, a top international business school and a Faculty Advisor for the Design of Business program at Singapore Management University. Apart from hanging out with her twin boys & hubby, Vivien continues to pursue her passion in mentoring future women leaders and contributing to the development of Singapore SMEs.


Vivien will be speaking about:


Vivien talks about the theme of Networking and shares how important networking has been in her entrepreneurial career, from opening opportunities to closing deals. She also shares her tips and experience in networking effectively, which includes how to segment and nurture your relationships to achieve real business results.


Communicating to be Heard

Vivien speaks about the theme of Communicating to be Heard. From her experience in various industries, and working with men and women from different nationalities and cultures, she shares the importance of adapting to different communication styles but also highlights the need to remain authentic. She also reveals how adapting communication styles could have possibly saved a man’s job!