Naby Mariyam – Coverhero

Naby Mariyam – Coverhero

Naby Mariyam – Coverhero

Founder & CEO | Coverhero

Naby Mariyam is Founder and CEO of Insuretech Startup Coverhero. Coverhero  is a platform that helps consumers understand, manage  all their insurance policies in one place using machine learning. Coverhero is part of the Qantas Avro Accelerator program. Naby Has 20 years of experience in research, Education, Management consulting and ventured into start-ups in the last 5 years.  She is passionate about AR/VR, Machine learning and Technology. She Represented Australian and the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Berlin 2017. She is an advocate for Diversity of thought in technology and women in leadership.


Naby will be speaking about:

Reducing stress and managing life

Naby is a busy lady who runs 3 successful start-ups and has a 13 year old son. She admits that she doesn’t always practice what she preaches when it comes to reducing stress and managing life, she opens up about having gone into burn out twice in the last year from working too hard. However she can pinpoint some moments when she’s achieved a great work/life balance – her tips are to ensure you go for a walk every day to be with nature, exercise regularly, eating well, and meditation.



Naby quotes a saying she believes in “Your network is your networth.”, she talks about how even if you’re the most talented and smart person, if you don’t have access to a strong network then it’s going to be difficult to succeed. Naby talks about how this is especially important in the start-up community. Naby learned the power of human connection through her journey and creating her start-ups. Her tips for networking effectively include sharing your story and passion, because people want to hear this rather than your business pitch, and asking people about themselves rather than what they do.