Maureen Frank – emberin

Maureen Frank – emberin

Maureen Frank – emberin

Founder and Chief Disruption Officer | emberin

Founded in 2005, by Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Maureen Frank, emberin is a recognised industry leader of workplace inclusion and diversity solutions and ‘turnkey’ programs globally.

Working with multinational, top listed companies and government bodies, the emberin team has a proven track record in initiating a culture change that connects to organisation’s existing people strategy and gets results. The results are measurable and we have seen some phenomenal results in many areas: high promotion rates, increased engagement, higher performance scores, movement across divisions – and many heartfelt personal challenges conquered!

Maureen Frank is Australia’s pre-eminent expert on diversity and inclusion. As the Founder of emberin, Maureen calls herself the Chief Disrupter! Her disruptive and unconventional method of supporting businesses to achieve successful outcomes rather than just ticking a box, and to get real about inclusion and wider issues – has given her international recognition.


Maureen will be speaking about:

Courage and Confidence

Maureen explains where her passion for gender equality comes from. She opens up about having a disabled child and how this developed her view of how each individual needs to be nurtured in a way that suits them. She talks about where the courage came from to leave a very senior role in the corporate world to start her own successful business 12 years ago. Maureen also talks about being a secret introvert, and what she does to give herself the confidence to speak at conferences in five continents around the world in front of thousands of people.  Maureen’s personal mantra is “I have the power to motivate, inspire and create the momentum to change lives.” And she encourages everyone to find their own mantra to live by. She also provides her own tips and recommendations to overcome a lack of confidence and fear holding us back.


Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Maureen explains how and why there is a gender inequality issue in the technology industry. She also discusses the Male Champions of Change which she convened in Queensland, and why engaging men in the movement of getting more senior women in to organisations is so important. She talks about her work with Telstra which increased the amount of women in senior roles from 6% to 31% in just 2 years, and how this transformation was due to the work she did with the men. Finally, for organisations who want to do something to increase the amount of women in senior roles, Maureen provides her advice on where to start.