Margie Warrell – Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell – Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell – Margie Warrell

Bestselling Author | Forbes Columnist | Speaker and Coach at Margie Warrell |

Margie Warrell is a bestselling author who is passionate about helping people overcome the fears that keep them from living more purposeful and rewarding lives.

Margie draws on her background in business, psychology and coaching to run leadership programs in organizations worldwide, from NASA to the United Nations Foundation. Her bestselling books – Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Make Your Mark and Brave – have been published in seven languages.

An adventurer at heart, Margie walks her talk when it comes to living bravely and has ventured out of her comfort zone countless times since growing up as one of seven children on a small dairy farm in rural Victoria, Australia. After attempting kite surfing with Richard Branson, she raised her sights yet again and recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and four teenager children.

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Margie will be speaking about:

Courage and Confidence

Margie talks about how as women we are women and we should not disconnect from who we are. Margie opens up about how in the 80’s where she was from, it wasn’t ‘the thing’ to go to university so it was a bold move to go, but she did it anyway.. She talks about how courage is a muscle and a skill, and just like learning the piano or French, it can be learnt. In order to be come more confident she suggest taking one small step today, another tomorrow, and eventually we will empower ourselves and take away power that fear has on us.


Overcoming Habit and Procrastination

Margie explains that her view on procrastinating is when people want something but are ultimately not committed enough. Margie advises not to wait until you’re ready, because you could be waiting forever. Margie talks about how there’s truth in the phrase “fake it till you make it” and how you should jump right in and give yourself permission to not be a perfectionist.