Leanne Hannaford – eBay

Leanne Hannaford – eBay

Leanne Hannaford – eBay

Product & Innovation Director For Australia & Apac | EBAY

As the Director of Product & Technology Innovation at eBay Australia, Leanne is responsible for ensuring the eBay experience makes it easier for Australian sellers to sell, and buyers to shop. With over 15 years’ experience in Australian retail commerce, Leanne is driven by ideas that enhance the customer journey and push boundaries in technology.
She is also passionate about developing talent and building diverse, high-performing teams. Leanne lives in Sydney with her husband and high-energy 9-year-old son.


Leanne will be speaking about:

Reducing Stress and Managing Life

Leanne talks about how she moved to Australia when she was very young with her family from Hong Kong, and how hard it was being so different. Leanne discusses the importance of prioritising and knowing when to say no, and how there’s stigma around this in that some people may think you’re trying to be a roadblock. Leanne opens up about how she decided to work flexibly in order to achieve balance and spend time with her young child. This was tough as she felt judged by her colleagues who may not have seen the extra work she put in during the evenings – but essential to get that balance.


Taking Career Risks and Having a Plan

Leanne talks about how her career risks have always come about when she’s been very genuinely excited by an opportunity. She opens up about going for a role where she felt she didn’t meet 85% of the criteria, but she knew she had the determination to succeed. Leanne discusses how her career has always been very deliberate, and although she hasn’t had a spreadsheet detailing every role, she’s always had a plan so she knows the direction she needs to go in.