Laura Doonin – Pharmacy 4 Less

Laura Doonin – Pharmacy 4 Less

Laura Doonin – Pharmacy 4 Less

GM of e Commerce for Pharmacy 4 Less |

Laura Doonin is a business loving yogi! Her mission is to help females in business activate change inside and out to optimise their true potential. Alongside her professional background in all things tech, ecommerce, startup and retail, working for some of the biggest Global companies around, she is passionate about motivating others to become powerful and inspiring humans. In this ever-changing, fast-paced, social media saturated world where people are becoming tired, disconnected and lonely its important to have real conversations, real connections and live with greater purpose and compassion. I am committed to being straight up,as kind as possible while challenging the status quo and of course having fun along this journey.


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Laura talks about how when she was younger she was sometimes scared to ask the questions. She now feels more comfortable being wrong and maybe even looking silly. One thing Laura says she does well is to treat everyone as an equal. Whether it’s a janitor or a C.E.O, you don’t know who is going to be the next leader in the tech space. Laura speaks about the importance of getting to know who you work with, as much as she loves technology it is also about face to face meetings and connecting as human beings.


Personal Brand

Laura has started saying EQ is the new AI, when Laura thinks about her IQ compared to her EQ, she thinks she’ll be much higher on the EQ. When Laura thinks about the team of people she works with, pure talent comes second rate to people skills. Emotional intelligence and being a nice person trumps clear genius and bad attitudes hands down. Laura says people are not one dimensional, we have many different passions but to be credible and to build a strong personal brand you need to add value in your key fields.