Lakshmi Easuwaran – Telstra

Lakshmi Easuwaran – Telstra

Lakshmi Easuwaran – Telstra

Change Catalyst/Product Owner | Telstra

Lakshmi Easuwaran is a seasoned program management professional adept at leading large product development initiatives. With rich experience in using Agile practices for significant customer deliverables, she also has substantial technical experience with DevOps, XP Practices.

Lakshmi’s leadership experience includes delivering strategy, project management and large scale business transformation. She has led cross functional teams across India, Singapore, France, Korea and the United States, and has managed programs with 40+ members, mentoring and improving employee engagement.

She is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topics of DevOps, Agile Product Ownership, and the experience of women in enterprises taking on large Agile adoption efforts. She is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Project Management Professional. She currently works with Telstra as a Product Owner and an Agile transformation agent.


Lakshmi will be speaking about:

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Lakshmi talks about the common commitment from company leaders. A meaningful commitment requires leaders to understand why diversity matters. Diverse teams are generally smarter and more creative and focused beyond only talent base. Such companies committed to inclusion and diversity perform very well. Leaders have a special role to play in fostering inclusion. They make sense of organisational values and processes and they help to translate them into everyday behaviour. it is important that leaders talk about it openly to their people and explain to them how diversity brings about new ideas, perspectives to the workplace


Increasing Your Visibility

Lakshmi speaks about her experience with mentors and how in her 18th year in the industry there is not a day that has gone without her having a mentor. It not only boosts your self-confident, mentors can help open up networks, achieve goals and give you a sense that someone is looking out for you. Lakshmi says that whatever she is today as a person both in her professional and personal life, mentors have had deep impacts on her that it has shaped her as a person. They keep her motivated, challenge her all the time and push her out of her comfort zone.