Kelly Ferguson – Origin

Kelly Ferguson – Origin

Kelly Ferguson – Origin

Chief Information Officer | Origin Energy

Kelly Ferguson is the Chief Information Officer at Origin Energy. Kelly is responsible for leading the Applications and Solutions teams across 13 lines of business, including Energy Markets, Integrated Gas and Corporate functions. Kelly and her team manage a portfolio of approximately 1500 applications and are committed to delivering stable and agile digital solutions to Origin customers.

Prior to joining Origin, Kelly was the CIO at Mi9 (Ninemsn) for five years where she was responsible for all product development, technology and creative build functions. In this role, she worked alongside the executive team to run the Ninemsn network and Mi9’s suite of digital properties.

Kelly is a passionate technologist, with over 20 years of international experience in technology, digital media, data and healthcare businesses. Kelly has also held executive IT positions with Philips Electronics and Microsoft.


Kelly will be speaking about:

Feminine Leadership

Kelly suggests finding a set of leadership styles that work for you, and mimicking them. She opens up about how she’s a competitive person, and how she leads by building a team around her who are smarter and stronger than her. She stresses the importance of staying true to your values and staying true to who you are. She talks about how people often guess what other people are thinking, and her preferred style si to be totally transparent so that everyone knows where they stand. Kelly opens up about times when people have mistaken her for the receptionist or the secretary, and how people have nearly fallen off their chairs when she’s taken the light board pen and drawn an architecture diagram.


Taking Calculated Risks and Having a Plan

Kelly talks about how the biggest risks she’s taken have been putting her hand up for roles which she wasn’t qualified to do. But she’s always believed in her capacity to learn. Kelly talks about having a positive mindset and how she uses a phrase call fail forward, to accept that mistakes will happen but to learn form them and not let them happen again. She also talks about how some knowledge she gained from a previous mentor at Microsoft: leaders don’t get to have bad days. She believes in turning on the smile for your team and focusing on what’s going well