Jo Gaines – Salesforce

Jo Gaines – Salesforce

Jo Gaines – Salesforce

Managing Director APAC | Salesforce

Jo Gaines has spent over 20 years working for and with technology and media companies. Since 1999, she has worked for various companies and networks, including Krux, CBS, Yahoo, Kidspot, Sensis and Salesforce.

As Managing Director, APAC, for Salesforce for Advertising, Jo leads the company’s business development and marketing efforts.  Prior to joining Krux (which was acquired by Salesforce in November 2016), she served as chief revenue officer at Brandscreen, an independent demand-side platform provider where she managed the Australian commercial and marketing team supporting more than 80 active accounts.  At CBS Interactive, she was in charge of Australian consumer brands as general manager, consumer and CBSi. She has also held senior sales and marketing positions at Kidspot, iPrime and Yahoo!7 among other firms.  Jo also launched and served as CEO of Digital Media Options Pty, Ltd, a digital media consultancy specialising in optimising and monetising digital assets for brands.

Jo’s greatest passions are friendships and motherhood; she has two beautiful daughters. Jo enjoys running, is completing her yoga teacher training and tries really hard to live a healthy lifestyle.


Jo will be speaking about:

Communicating to be Heard

One of Jo’s top strategies to ensure she’s communicating effectively and making sure she’s heard include asking open questions. She advises understanding your audience so you know how to adapt your communication style, i.e. don’t be direct and forthright with someone who’s going to become quiet and withdrawn as a result. She advises preparation as being key to get the outcome you desire, and this also allows people to feel consulted before coming on board with your idea.



Jo speaks about how every job she’s ever had has come about as a result of networking. Her team joke that there’ no-one in the industry that she doesn’t know. This really demonstrates the importance of networking to develop your career. She suggests ensuring you always follow up with your network and looking at how you can give to them before expecting anything in return.