Ginita Taylor – Cisco

Ginita Taylor – Cisco

Ginita Taylor – Cisco

Head of Sales and Partner Enablement & Regional Governance, Cisco Asia Pacific and Japan | Global Co-Lead & APJ Lead, Connected Women at Cisco |

Based in Sydney, Ginita heads up Sales and Partner Enablement & Regional Governance for Cisco, Asia Pacific and Japan. She has been the APJ lead for Cisco’s Connected Women’s group since August 2016 and recently took on the role as Global Co-Lead for Connected Women.

Beginning her career in hospitality and corporate meeting management, Ginita has been working with the IT sector since 1997. Having spent time living in Shanghai and Hong Kong working in Business Operations, her role quickly expanded into Strategy and Planning for Asia Pacific and Greater China. Prior to her current role, Ginita was the Planning Lead for Cisco APJ.

An advocate for self-managing to ensure balance, Ginita’s approach to her day job, and the many aspects of life we all try to juggle, is one of candor and practicalities. She is passionate about not only how we help women already in technology advance, but how we attract more females into the field.


Ginita will be speaking about:

Overcoming Habit and Procrastination

Ginita talks about procrastination and quotes statistics about how women procrastinate 25 minutes longer every day than men! She provides her expert tips on what to do if you’re finding yourself procrastinating, and admits that she’s often guilty of this herself. She talks about the importance of being brave, and how people will respect you more for giving something a go rather than not even trying.


Reducing Stress and Managing Life

Ginita talks about how there are so many different facets to our lives and how it’s a constant juggle. She believes in understanding what’s important to you and ensuring you juggle those things. She suggest being brave in asking for flexible working and telling people what you want. She discusses how often the only thing standing in your way is yourself, and you need to know yourself and have courage. Ginita also provides her tips for little rituals to manage stress.