Faye Ilhan – WooliesX

Faye Ilhan – WooliesX

Faye Ilhan – WooliesX

General Manager, eCom Sales and Digital Innovation | WooliesX at Woolworth's Food Group

Faye’s motto is creating frictionless customer experiences by keeping it simple and has a passion for all things digital.

Faye is a seasoned digital executive and currently holds the role of General Manager, eCom Sales and Digital Innovation – WooliesX at Woolworths Food Group. In this role, Faye is leading eCom Sales (Merch and Marketing) and accelerating a number of its digital strategies, most recently launching Express Delivery Pilot, the Woolworths App in Google Home and Local Inventory Ads to turbo charge digital in driving store footfall.

Prior to that she has held numerous digital positions with Dan Murphy’s & Endeavour Drinks Group, part of Woolworths. Faye has contributed significantly to the Drinks business over the past six years having led all channels across Dan’s Digital, Loyalty and Marketplace and was instrumental in launching, running and optimising the Dan Murphy’s website to achieve amazing growth year on year. Her customer first mindset helped step change the customer experience, where today Dan Murphy’s is the most visited, recognised and awarded drinks website in Australia. Faye’s energy, passion and commitment has pioneered the Digital journey for EDG.

Always curios about people and cultures, Faye spent over 10 years in Europe where she held senior digital roles in insurance and telecommunications in the UK, where she was Director of Internet at Homeserve PLC, and before that Head of Self service at Onetel UK, part of Centrica.


Faye will be speaking about:

Feminine Leadership

Faye talks about what the important qualities that a leader should have, and the differences between male and female leadership styles. Faye talks about female leaders bringing the value of encouragement and listening, and typically men are more task orientated. She also talks about how when you have both leadership styles together, that’s when things work in great harmony and great things happen. Faye also talks about mentoring and shares her experiences of having networked for success.


Personal Brand

Faye talks about her own personal brand and how she lives by the value of always treating others how you want to be treated, which for her is with respect and empathy. She discusses how your personal brand is a combination of both who you are and how others see you. She also opens up about how often we have a ‘blind spot’ and there will be elements of our personal brand that we are not aware of – it’s therefore important to seek feedback.