Eva Sherwood – NZ Tech Women

Eva Sherwood – NZ Tech Women

Eva Sherwood – NZ Tech Women

Chair | NZ Tech Women

Eva Sherwood is passionate individual who is committed to Diversity and Tech in New Zealand. She works full time for Oracle New Zealand and is a board member for the non-profit organisation NZTech who provide a united voice for the fastest growing sector in New Zealand. Eva is also the Chair of NZ Tech Women which focuses on attracting and supporting women into the sector and broader strategies to ensure we develop not only New Zealand’s fastest growing sector, but also its most inclusive. Eva is the elected New Zealand Community leader for Oracles Women Leadership program.


Eva will be speaking about:

Courage and Confidence

Eva talks about the importance of seeking feedback, it’s something that isn’t always offered freely so people need to continually and persistently ask for it. She talks about how having a confident pose can have a real impact on your own confidence levels, and on the flip side, standing in a slumped non-confident pose can have the opposite effect. She also talks about her involvement with NZ Tech and NZ Tech women and what they’re doing to attract more women in tech roles.


Reducing Stress and Managing Life

Eva talks about the voluntary work she does with animals and how this is one of her ways to de-stress and give back. She discusses the importance of prioritising the right things in your life first. She also impresses the importance of reassessing what your priorities are every 6 months, because things do change as you grow. Eva also provides her advice for women who want to go for that promotion or fit in something extra into their already busy lives.