Emily Chang – Starbucks

Emily Chang – Starbucks

Emily Chang – Starbucks

cmo | Starbucks, China

Emily Chang is the cmo for Starbucks, China, where she is responsible for amplifying the impact of the Starbucks Experience. Over the last 18 years, Emily has demonstrated a track record for cross-cultural team leadership, change management, and innovative brand building. Most notably, she is known for her personal and authentic brand of people leadership. Prior to Starbucks, Emily worked in executive roles at IHG and Apple. She has spent half her career in the US and half in China, after receiving a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Rochester. She then earned an MBA in Competitive Strategy and Finance at the Simon School of Business. In her free time, Emily blogs: previously on Weibo, and now on LinkedIn. She loves to read as much as she loves to write, and challenges herself to learn a new “big thing” every year (last year was playing the cahon drum, this year is pulling the perfect espresso). Most of all, Emily loves spending time with family: her husband of 17 years, her 8yr daughter, Laini, Holly Berry, their rescued mutt, and Scarlett Jellybean, the rescued Pygmy Hedgehog.


Emily will be speaking about:

Courage and Confidence

Emily says that you can dance to life’s rhythms, or you can make life march to yours. She talks about confidence coming from humility. There’s just still so much we haven’t done, and there’s so much we haven’t learned. The world is so small, and we are tiny little things, Emily would like to leave the world better than how she found it while she can. She shares her experience of great opportunities arising and having to move her family to Shanghai.


Personal Brand

Emily thinks personal brand is really critical, because at the end of the day, we’re all smart, we can all do our jobs; but do people want to work with you? Do they want you working for them? And then, do they love reporting to you? For Emily, personal brand takes into account two things, one is who you truly projected today and that requires feedback to understand what people are seeing in you, the good and the bad. Then the second piece is who you want to be, we can change, or we can evolve, but we have to fundamentally know that first part which is what are we at the most foundational level.