Delwin Keasberry – Ideas X Action

Delwin Keasberry – Ideas X Action

Delwin Keasberry – Ideas X Action

Principal Consultant | Ideas x Action

Delwin Keasberry is an Ideas Facilitator. He has a background in business development and strategy, and has worked with the likes of Microsoft, the British High Commission, BMW and Asia Inc Forum. His company, Ideas x Action, helps organisations foster a culture of growth and innovation, and generate ideas for products, services and strategies through brainstorming workshops. Delwin has spoken at numerous events including the Women in Technology Conference in Sydney, the ASEAN100 Leadership Forum in the Philippines, TEDx in Malaysia, and the ThinkBig Innovate Forum in Brunei.

Delwin is also known by his online moniker, @BruneiTweet. He has over 30,000 followers on Twitter, and has spoken extensively in South East Asia about how to connect and support communities – both offline and online – through social media. Delwin is currently writing his first book which will help people develop their ideas and take action towards making their goals a reality.


Delwin will be speaking about:

Personal Brand

Delwin talks about watershed moments – defining moments in our lives. He also talks about how the fist thing people do when they meet you is google you and find you online, so your online presence is incredibly important because it impacts how people perceive you. Delwin gives his 3 “i’s” to suggest how you can use social media for career progression: intelligent, inclusive and intentional. Find out how Delwin has used these 3 “I’s” to build a large Twitter following for himself.


Communicating to be Heard

Delwin talks about how men and women communicate differently, but so do people of other cultures, and so really it’s just that individuals communicate differently. Delwin provides suggestions for women to communicate to be heard, his suggestions include the concept of having a mindset of always leaning in, adding value, sticking your hand up, etc. He explains how communication is a journey and not all of us a born with good communication skills, but we can learn it.