Claire Mula – Invigor Group

Claire Mula – Invigor Group

Claire Mula – Invigor Group

Chief Operating Officer | Invigor Group

Claire Mula is the Chief Operating Officer at Invigor Group. Claire is a thought-leader, entrepreneur and expert in data and digital transformation. As Business Insider’s “Top 100 coolest people in tech” she has experienced the disruption of sectors such as Media and Technology and is now helping to transform Retailer and Brands in the age of Amazon.


What Claire will be speaking about:

Increasing Your Visibility

As Business Insider’s Top 100 Coolest People in Tech, Claire Mula suggests to women in tech to engage in difficult projects and voice out the dialogues going through their mind to increase their visibility, and reveals how you can be noticed in any role within tech. Based on her rich experience, she also explains the differences between securing a promotion within a structured environment, i.e. an established brand, and an unstructured environment, i.e. tech start ups, and what you can do to secure that dream promotion.


Reducing Stress & Managing Life

Claire Mula talks about the differences in work life balance across different geographic and shares how she was very open about her sharing her load and challenges with the rest of her team and collectively come up with solutions. She also emphasises the big difference between dumping and sharing your work loads. Lastly, she suggests her personal tips in keeping yourself motivated and how you should not be afraid to bow out if things do not work out for you, as you can always go back.