Avani Parekh – SHEROES

Avani Parekh – SHEROES

Avani Parekh – SHEROES

Director of Empathy | SHEROES

Avani is a trained counsellor with 9 years of experience working with women and relationship issues ranging from abuse and sexual assault to healthy relationship paradigms and self love. In 2008, she started Kiran, a South Asian Domestic Violence Agency in the US, where she worked closely with the community to raise awareness about domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. In 2014 she started LoveDoctor, a platform for young people to get confidential advice about sexual health and relationships, serving people via chat, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook. In 2016, LoveDoctor merged with SHEROES, making it a women-only space for sex and relationship advice. She now serves as Director of Empathy at SHEROES, overseeing the SHEROES helpline, empathy in the SHEROES online platform, and strategic partnerships.


Avani will be speaking about:


Avani talks about how networking got her almost every opportunity she’s ever had in her life. She discusses how so many people sit behind a screen, and getting yourself out there to meet people in person really sets you apart from the pack. In order to develop deeper relationships when she meets new people, rather than asking the same question of “what do you do” Avani likes to ask “what gets you out of bed in the morning?” which gives a far deeper response.


Personal Brand

Avani discusses how her own personal brand means leading with her heart rather than with her fear – and making sure any decisions she makes follow this. As a counsellor, Avani always asks people “was this helpful” to see feedback and be in a place where people can connect. Avani suggests asking your friends and family who will give you honest feedback and help you improve your personal brand if needed.