Anne Garlick – Westpac

Anne Garlick – Westpac

Anne Garlick – Westpac

Chief Risk Officer, Technology | Westpac

Anne is the Chief Risk Officer, Technology at Westpac Banking Group.

Anne has worked for three decades in the Finance and Information Technology sector.

Before joining Westpac in August 2015, Anne held various executive positions in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). After starting her career as a graduate with the Commonwealth Bank, Anne’s last position was as the General Manager, Wealth Technology. During her career, she has driven many strategic change initiatives.

Anne has a Master of Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Anne will be speaking about:

Communicating to be Heard

Anne will be discussing the importance of understanding the person you are communicating with, and how important it is to really listen to what they’re saying. She suggests using a technique called mirroring, whereby you repeat a question back to ensure you’ve understood correctly before giving a response. She shares her advice for dealing with a difficult conversations and how preparation is key.