Anisha Singh –

Anisha Singh –

Anisha Singh –

Founder & CEO |

Anisha Singh is the Founder and CEO of, which started under her leadership in 2009. She holds a Master’s degree in political communication and MBA in Information Systems from American University, Washington DC.

Anisha began her career with the Clinton administration in Capitol Hill, helping women entrepreneurs raise funding for innovative women-led businesses. She then joined Centra Software in Boston where she facilitated the setting up of e-learning ecosystems for Fortune 500 companies. After returning to India, she launched Kinis Software Solutions, which provides digital solutions for real estate companies in the US.

In 2016, Anisha won the Zee TV Outstanding Young Entrepreneur and the e-INC / eTales Awards for e-Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. As an international speaker, Anisha brings her expertise to stages across the world, speaking at high-profile engagements such as the Boao Forum, the Mobile World Congress, Start-Up India, Surge, WIRED London, TEDx, and GMIC.

Anisha is dedicated to building a future where women’s success stories are accepted as the norm, not the exception. She is currently planning ‘Operation Recast’, an end-of-year event that will provide a platform for female entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to angel and venture capitalists.


Anisha will be speaking about:

Personal brand

Anisha Singh talks about her personal values of defying norms and setting her own path despite a conservative culture and family in India. She also strong encourages to use social media to create your niche and brand no matter what stage you are at life. Lastly, she talks about how she deals with doubters and be your own individual.


Taking Career Risks and Having a Plan

Anisha reveals the biggest risk she has taken in her life and shares how you can overcome overthinking and doubts to take that risk. She also talks about the imposter syndrome and how women, including herself, suffer from it, and shares how she overcomes the syndrome and take on opportunities without being 100% qualified.