Alvaro Maz – Code For Australia

Alvaro Maz – Code For Australia

Alvaro Maz – Code For Australia

Co Founder and Managing Director | Code for Australia

Alvaro is an entrepreneur with a passion for public issues, technology and social change. In 2013 he launched his first venture, Creative Suburbs, an online platform to help more people make a difference in their cities. Alvaro embarked on Code for Australia in late 2014 which led to launching Code for Aotearoa and a strong interest in government.

Alvaro’s background is international development, philosophy and urban planning.

Social change is his real passion and he spends a lot of time trying to change the world for the better, mostly through web-based businesses.

Every now and then, he write thoughts here::, or here: and work on fun projects like this one:


Alvaro will be speaking about:

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Alvaro Maz talks about the theme of Gender Diversity and Inclusion and Tech. He shares the importance of building a purposeful organisation, rather than being fully profit driven, and how important it is to attract and retain women or people from diverse cultures. He also shares the culture in Code for Australia in building an environment that is welcoming and respectful for all.


Taking Career Risks and Having a Plan

Alvaro Maz talks about the theme of Taking Career Risks and Having a Plan. He shares his honest experience about setting goals at Code for Australia and the importance of keeping that long-term goal while remaining open to changing their work model. He also stresses the importance of working with the right people to remain committed to the primary goal.