Alexandra Tselios – The Big Smoke

Alexandra Tselios – The Big Smoke

Alexandra Tselios – The Big Smoke

Founder and Publisher | The Big Smoke

Alexandra Tselios is the founder and publisher of media company The Big Smoke Australia and The Big Smoke USA. The Big Smoke provides fresh and distinctive articles written by some of the most recognisable identities and erudite voices; as well as a full-service Advertising Development Group who excel at Native Advertising and Data-driven outcomes that convert. Alexandra Tselios has a Masters in Business, and is the co-founder of Not-for-Profit news site Plus61J which analyses Israeli and Australian politics. She is a regular commentator on radio shows across Australia most days of the week and also appears on ABC News 24 as a TV commentator on technology, politics and the trending topics Australians are talking about.


Alexandra will be speaking about:

Increasing Your Visibility

Alexandra shares her experience of having “unofficial” mentors through learning and working with them in her workplace. She also advises on how to find the correct mentor and establish contact. Lastly, she talks about how being proactive, and putting your hands up for projects, will get you the desired visibility from the senior people within your organisation.


Overcoming Habit and Procrastination

Alexandra shares how to stop overthinking decisions by educating yourself and setting the desired outcome. She advises not to be afraid of mistakes and to remain agile. She also highlights the importance of resilience as a leadership trait required in the fast-paced environment of tech and having a strict schedule can minimise procrastination. Lastly, she stresses the importance of having downtime to be successful in your career.