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my mentor: Courageous Woman


my mentor: Courageous Woman

my mentor: Courageous Woman is a pragmatic ‘push’ strategy that supports the building of your female leadership pipeline, with proven success it gets results that are measurable with the added benefit of many heartfelt personal challenges conquered!

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Track record of success

We are proud to say that we have mentored over 25,000 women with our award winning my mentor program over 10 years.

Why has the program had such reach?

Quite simply, because it works.

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from 40+ senior leaders

The program provides mentoring in a number of formats including mentoring from the course creator Maureen Frank and more than 40+ senior leaders.


Why it works

my mentor: Courageous Woman includes 12 INTENTIONAL modules that build upon each other, and is based on “staged learning” and “action learning” principles.

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Why specifically for Women

Do you think men and women are different?

Our hypothesis when we started 10 years ago was that the buttons you push to support women in accelerating their careers are DIFFERENT to those you push for men. Over the last 10 years we have been able to prove this hypothesis with a sample size of 25,000 participants.


Six Key Reasons You Should try my mentor Courageous Woman Now

We have seen some amazing results from the my mentor: Courageous Woman program:

  1. Understand what works for others
  2. Real results
  3. Maximum impact with minimal work
  4. Created for geographic spread
  5. Created for critical mass
  6. Created for busy woman

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