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Inclusive leadership creates the environment that fosters innovation. An inclusive leader creates a psychologically safe environment which enables individuals to share their views without fear. An inclusive culture embraces the creative abrasion required in order for the team to contribute all their wild ideas, and try new experiments.

Innovation & Inclusion


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    The Key to Innovation? Inclusion

    It is human nature to surround ourselves with like-minded people who think like we do, come from similar backgrounds to ourselves, have a similar education, and support and endorse our actions. Yet interestingly, we thrive when we come up against opposition. “Creative abrasion” - that is, being challenged - sparks our creativity and makes us more innovative. This is why, for businesses to thrive, EVERYONE, no matter how different their outlook on lives, their working method or their mentality, should be included in the workplace. INCLUSION is the secret to INNOVATION.   Let’s look at the facts; research conducted by Catalyst - the leading non-profit organisation that looks to expand the number of opportunities for women in business -  which involved 1,512 employees from six different countries (Australia, China, Germany, India, Mexico and the United States) showed that: Chinese participants reported a 71% feeling of inclusion and an average 78% report of innovation in the workplace Mexican participants averaged a 60% feeling of inclusion and an average of 51% reporting innovation in the workplace The US participants averaged a low 29% feeling ...

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