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Inclusive leadership enables increases in employee engagement. Think about it – have you ever felt excluded? Most exclusion is non-overt. If an employee feels like they don’t quite ‘fit’, that they are excluded, that they have to adapt in order to be accepted – they can NEVER be a fully engaged employee. Inclusion and engagement are directly correlated. Create an inclusive culture and increase engagement.

Engagement & Inclusion


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    Do You Want Your Employees to Speak Up?

    Does everyone in your organisation speak up? You may want them to – but the chances are that because of our hierarchical cultures – they are very unlikely to. Think about how FEAR drives human behaviour. In a culture of fear and the number one goal is pleasing the ‘boss’ – you are unlikely to find a culture of engaged, driven teams. A culture of FEAR moves quickly to destroy culture. Researchers at Harvard Business School and Penn State found that fear in the modern workplace has reached epidemic levels, dissuading employees from speaking up and voicing important issues related to the business. Whether employees fear retaliation, punishment, humiliation, or being fired, the study revealed that this emotion quickly leads to dissatisfaction and lowers productivity levels. Once this happens, you’re not far from creating a domino effect that can torpedo creativity and lead to disengagement throughout the company. Fear is also the primary cause of much of the bad behaviour you see in companies, from office politics to poor communication. While a culture of fear may temporarily make people work harder to ...

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