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To get real results requires an army of INCLUSION champions in your organisation.

Leaders need to understand what they have to DO to be ‘champions’ and cascade ACTION. Leaders need to be accountable for results and they need to make other people accountable. We have designed a process which we call establishing your internal “INCLUSION CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE’ using Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action as the tool.


How does it work?

  1. Your leaders are introduced to their journey with a challenging Launch Workshop. They will commit to running ‘experiments’ to really shake up the ‘same old’ way of doing things.
  2. Over 10 weeks, they will complete our Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action program to challenge them to ACTION a Mid – Program check-in with a focus on: What ACTION have you taken?
  3. A graduation workshop (run by emberin –or we can train you) where leaders present their experiments and progress.
  4. Delivered over 10 weeks through audio, video and workbook content combined with a few challenge and accountability workshops and group discussions.

Cascade to get to cultural change

Running a PILOT of the program is a cost effective training tool to ensure that education around being an inclusive leader can reach every level of leadership. It needs to be structured so that it can ultimately be cascaded without excessive facilitation or involvement from HR.

Video Coming Soon


  1. Practical skills
  3. GOAL: Every employee has a REAL voice
  4. Link INCLUSION to innovation, engagement, productivity and collaboration!
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