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What OUTCOMES will you see from leaders?

At the end of the day DOING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION is nice – but why are we doing it? You might say it’s because it’s the right thing to do. BUT – does that really cut it in a frantic business world that expects results and is setting the bar higher and higher by the day.


Here are some of the outcomes we have seen from participants on the program…

The opposite of ‘inclusion’ is ‘exclusion’

Pretending to be something that you are not takes energy When I come to work and I cannot be my real self, its hard. It’s not overt and typically not because of malice – but I feel like I am non overtly excluded.

When I feel excluded, cannot really be myself, feel that I don’t really fit in or that I am part of the ‘in’ crowd – I cannot ever be a fully engaged employee.

I’m different because I’m gay

The COURAGE program has made me braver. I am having new conversations with people and revealing more of myself. I’m a bit more willing to say ‘my wife’, rather than having to use different gender. I think I’ve covered and hidden my sexuality all of my life, so it’s actually quite nice to be able to be free and not worry about it.

Exclusion is typically non overt and without malice

I didn’t think there was an issue… What was eye-opening for me was interviewing people, particularly people from the Indian culture, who brought forward these things to me that I was totally unaware of. I also became aware that on the project team, some of these people have left their families behind to do these projects and do this work, so their completely isolated.

Exclusion means disengagement

You can tell if there is negative impact on performance. When people are not part of the crew, they’ll check in for their hours and that’s it. They’re just doing the bare minimum as opposed to going above and beyond.

In terms of actually being able to put a dollar figure on it or even measure it in any really tangible way, that’s difficult – but you can see the impact straight away.

Leveraging ALL of our human capital

Now I check if I’m putting together meetings with the same people over and over. I try to spread those out so I’m not talking to the same four council leads. I want to make sure, even if they’re not reaching out to me, I want to reach out to them, make sure that I’m engaged with what’s going on in their career.

Crashing hierarchies – immediate ROI

Client relationship management is often centred around one or two people who engage with the client. If you broaden the role of the senior manager and you give them responsibility, your ability to actually impact revenue and growth is quite substantial. That was the one thing we did. The substantial cultural shift that we would have if this was across the board, our ability to grow, ability to drive new services out to the market could be quite substantial.

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