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Our Approach

At emberin, our practical programs have a real business focus that gets to the heart of how diversity and inclusion can make a real difference to the individual, the organisation and the bottom line. Our inclusive approach, particularly our work with men as well as women, is the key to achieving true cultural change.

Our Push-Pull approach successfully embeds a truly inclusive culture combining:

  1. Strong inclusive leadership, where an understanding of the pragmatic ‘how to’ alongside a results-orientated accountability is applied to day-to-day actions – results in a ‘PULL’ action within the organisation.
  2. AND

  3. emberin’s mentoring programs for women give the ‘PUSH’ required to accelerate women’s ambition to make things happen.

The Pull: Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action

How can you almost guarantee the success of your diversity and inclusion activities? You need an ARMY of champions taking ACTION. We teach leaders the HOW to. We capture the passion (which we know exists) and we break this into bite sized chunks that gets THEM to SEE results within their own teams and the larger business almost immediately.

The PUSH: my mentor series of programs

How do you accelerate the progression of women and other under-represented groups who are not ‘type’ in your organisation? How do you get women and individuals that are DIFFERENT to bang on the door and shout ‘give me that job’? We are proud to say that we have mentored over 25,000 people with our my mentor series of programs.

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