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How is ‘growth mindset’ enabled by inclusive leadership?

How is ‘growth mindset’ enabled by inclusive leadership?

For many people, talent, skills and knowledge can be seen as something they either posses or lack. The fixed mindset refers to those people who believe their intelligence or talent are fixed traits and cannot or does not require improvement through effort and further learning.


The growth mindset takes the opposite approach, believing that abilities can be developed through FURTHER LEARNING, HARD WORK and EFFORT. Successful individuals and leaders posses this quality of the growth mindset and tend to achieve more in life and work.


“Studies show that teaching people to have growth mindset, which encourages a focus on effort rather than on intelligence or talent, helps make them into high achievers in school and in life,” Professor Carol Dweck.


Over the last several decades after the initial research and coining of the terms FIXED MINDSET and GROWTH MINDSET by psychologist Carol Dweck of Stanford University, research on brain plasticity has only enhanced the link between growth mindset and achievement. If a person believes their brain can grow and their talent, skills and knowledge can be improved, they behave differently and their goals will change.


For business, creating an organisation that is based on growth mindset over fixed mindset creates higher productivity, increased motivation and improved workplace culture!


In an organisation where growth mindset is ENCOURAGED and NURTURED, talent is viewed as something that can be gained and cultivated. Having a focus on improving, learning and growing, over comparing talent and skill to others, improves performance and productivity. People and organisations with a growth mindset enjoy challenges, are consistently learning new skills and strive to improve.


Growth mindset organisations value progress over perfection!

In a fixed mindset organisation, people are focused on PROVING ability and COMPARING themselves to others over improving their skills and knowledge. Convincing co-workers and managers that they are competent and talented takes precedence over the need to grow and find possible ways for improvement.


Fixed mindset organisations focus on being good, not getting better!

Inclusive leadership has the ability to enable growth mindset in an organisation by focusing on strengths and how to encourage and improve them. An inclusive leader who has the understanding that everyone has inherent talents and skills which can GROW, leverages all the human capital in an organisation by guiding that knowledge and talent.


Inclusive leadership therefore enables growth mindset throughout the organisation, improving productivity, workplace culture and overall job satisfaction!

“The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives,” Carol Dwerk.


At emberin, our research and practical work helping organisations to create inclusive cultures has shown us that INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP ENABLES THE GROWTH MINDSET.


Inclusive leadership with a growth mindset leads to:

  • Diversity
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved sense of belonging
  • Belief that uniqueness is valued
  • A feeling of empowerment and commitment


To successfully encourage and achieve the growth mindset in an organisation, learning to identify fixed mindset signs is crucial. When people within an organisation face challenges or criticism, compare themselves to others or have insecurities brought to the forefront, they become defensive which can inhibit the growth mindset.


Understanding these triggers and creating a work environment which is inclusive and supportive, encouraging communication and collaboration, will enable the growth mindset through inclusive leadership.

Advances in research has shown that the brain is incredibly malleable and has the ability, in the right environment, to change the mindset from fixed to growth. Changing this mindset through inclusive leadership in employees will lead to higher achievement and increased motivation.


If you’d like advice on how to achieve the growth mindset in your organisation get in touch with our team at emberin.

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