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my mentor: Courageous Woman


Module 1: Lead Like A Woman

The first module is all about participants harnessing the power of their unique leadership skills and style, and the benefits of Leadership.


Module 2: Stop procrastinating - It's time for action

We’re all guilty of procrastinating at different times, and that’s what this module tackles. It also looks at the relationship between procrastination, decisiveness and the attributes of a good leader.


Module 3: Stop procrastinating - It's time for action

Throughout this module participants will be pushed to look at themselves in a way they may have never done before. They will truly be able to answer ‘who are you?’ and know how to use it to their advantage.


Module 4: Build a plan – Your strategy for your life and career

Goal setting and holding yourself accountable are the keys to this module. Participants go through, step-by-step, what they need to consider in order to set achievable and realistic goals – and meet them!


Module 5: Taking calculated risks – Shift your mindset

In this module participants relive the joy they have felt when they have taken a big risk – and learn how to harness that feeling in order to benefit their career and personal life. They will be tackling big challenges in no time.


Module 6: Raising visibility and selling yourself

Participants learn how to sing their praises without having to beat their own chest – that’s the key to raising their visibility and successfully selling themselves.


Module 7: The power of networking

Forget just being told ‘networking is great’ – this module gives participants step-by-step strategies to show just how easy it is to harness the power of networking.


Module 8: Communicate to be heard

It’s simple: good communication equals success. That’s why this module shows participants just how to make sure they are using their communication in the most effective way possible.


Module 9: Understanding male and female style differences

It’s no big surprise that men are women are different – but this module shows just how important it is for both sexes to understand those differences and know how to communicate effectively depending on the audience and situation.


Module 10: Influence and negotiate win-win outcomes

This is when it’s time for participants to become a master influencer. When they learn the skills of influence and negotiation, the world will be their oyster.


Module 11: Striking the balance

A successful career is only one part of your life’s puzzle, that’s why it’s so important to learn how to achieve a balance. This module gives practical strategies to learn what works for the participant and to give them that sense of overall success.


Module 12: Go for the KNOCKOUT and make it happen!

In the final module participants are encouraged to take what they have learnt and put it into practice in every day life to make their wildest dreams come true – this is the sole purpose of this program.

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