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Are you a traditional leader or an inclusive leader?

Are you a traditional leader or an inclusive leader?

A traditional leadership style typically involved decisions being made from the top, information being kept close, and strict rules that stifled creativity.

The modern, inclusive leader takes a more open approach in the workplace. Team building and power sharing is becoming common practice and employees are encouraged to speak out with creative thoughts and ideas. “Crowd sourcing” is opening up new ways to grow businesses and it allows employees to take more ownership of their work. The future is most definitely collaborative, because it’s inclusive.

What is it exactly that stands a modern inclusive leader apart from a traditional one, and why is it working so well?



Traditional leaders would typically ‘power hoard’ and retain knowledge and information, the idea that power is greater shared in a collaborative team was unheard of. A modern and inclusive leader, however, knows that whilst knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is more powerful.


Creative thinking

Setting up a brainstorm is a good start, it’s a simple way to make your employees feel valued, give everyone a voice, and promote involvement in the decision making process. When employees at all levels feel valued they become more open to risk taking. Considered risk taking is vital for innovation, creativity and education. Inclusive leaders can easily see the benefits of a diverse range of perspectives in order to gain unique insights. After all, encouraging participation equally across all levels allows solutions to grow from the best ideas.


Performance reviews

The traditional approach of a yearly review, whilst it has its benefits, often fails to effectively provide real-time praise and constructive criticism. An inclusive leader understands that keeping up morale and making employees feel valued is achieved through a nurturing and collaborative environment. An inclusive leader provides personalised ongoing mentoring in order to educate and empower their team.


Information sharing

A modern, inclusive leader understands that hoarding information and knowledge simply does not work. Sharing knowledge and information has many benefits: helps your company grow, allows you to discover hidden talent, generates fresh ideas, leads to operational efficiency, to name but a few. A traditional leader who does not share information risks working the same way they always have done – as Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”


Evolve roles and responsibilities

Traditional leaders set their team rigid roles and responsibilities, which can often result in creativity and talent being ‘missed’. An inclusive leader encourages teams to work together and allows employees to shape their roles around their strengths.


If you have goals for your leaders to be more collaborative – understanding inclusive leadership will teach them the ‘how to’ of collaboration. As we said, the future is most definitely collaborative because it’s inclusive. Find out about our program Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action or give us a call today on 1800 306 698.



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